Klassy brides we know IRL

Discussion in 'Free Range' started by NerdLady, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    Seems like a good avenue for your Paint & Sip masterpieces.
  2. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    Well here I am already. Sister's FB post tonight: "<city name> area friends: tell me your favorite church ruins/abandoned churches that I can go check out! Also, favorite cemeteries!"
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  3. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    So ready.
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  4. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    This screams romance!
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  5. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    Omg. This is all sorts of no, except yes tell us all about it.
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  6. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    Nothing demonstrates your love for each other like stomping all over strangers' graves.
  7. shakespeer

    shakespeer Basic Pirate Lesbian Aesthete

    It's terrible, I love it.
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  8. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    I am so here for this journey.
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  9. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    What a promising start.
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  10. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    I'm back already. They took engagement photos today. In a cemetery. At least the save the dates will be on theme?
  11. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    They’re dying for you to attend?

    Oh, this is so awful.
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  12. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    Oh hi. She has now posted on FB that she is "working on wedding planning, please send addresses for save the dates." When I messaged her that the post was basically an open invitation to her entire friends list and she should consider deleting it if she didn't want to actually invite all of them, she only responded with "thank you." Which is actually way more mature than I'm used to from her. Usually telling her something she doesn't want to hear/disagree with prompts a much more hostile response. The post is still up.

    Also, wedding website is up and wedding party is listed. I am not a bridesmaid. Praise be.

    And lastly, there is already a wedding registry with 185 items on it. Many that are very, very on theme for this wedding.

    Am I an asshole if i don't go to this thing? It's the same weekend as one of M's annual work trips and nothing about this seems C friendly.
  13. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    I mean, the chances of it actually happening don’t seem great, right?
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  14. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    No, I don't think the chances are particularly high. But also this could turn out to be a perfect storm of sunk cost fallacy meets spiting your family.
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  15. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    Truth be told, I was really looking forward to seeing y’all dressed up in inflatable costumes.
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  16. ClamJam

    ClamJam Chicken

    I really want to see this registry :oops:
  17. Comet

    Comet Chicken

  18. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    Me too me too!
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  19. RoryGilmore

    RoryGilmore Chicken

    Me three! Why am I guessing it’s filled with Halloween decorations?!
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  20. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    Me too please! I'm so curious.
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  21. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    Can I request someone do the Lord’s Work snd post the weirdest things here?

    Orange and black kitchen decor? 5 skeleton platters? :lol:
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  22. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

  23. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    Oh I was thinking they registered for cemetery plots?
  24. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    Well... if my SIL made a registry, I could see many of these items making the list. Very on point items. For every normal item like a blender, there are 4 items like Game of Thrones dragon egg decor or spider web pattern coasters.

    But here’s what I really don’t understand: who needs four shower curtains?!
  25. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    I don't understand what she plans to do with most of the kitchen items either. The girl can barely handle a box of Ronzoni, gtfo with the $500 Kitchenaid and pasta maker attachment.

    Also, she lives in a one bedroom/one bath apartment. Clearly she has not thought through where any of this will go. I'm noticing a pattern here...
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