Kid's Birthday Parties

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    @Dorothygale I can’t remember how old your E is so pardon if these are off age wise ideas for her:

    1. What about a space themed food you can make- moonpies, constellations, star cookies, a pizza decorated with ingredients to look like a plant, a galaxy guzzler (put lime sherbet in some sprite and pineapple juice)

    2. Make a paper mache a planet or moon

    3. Watch space jam/some other “space” movie thats fun and silly in the dark with just some star lights plugged in (many options online under star/moon twinkle or curtain lights)

    4. Make the planets out of toys balls and construction paper or paint and hide them around teh house. Have her do a space themed scavenger hunt. Could even have special finds like a little alien toy that she has to rescue and when she finds them all she gets her official astronaut certificate. She could even get a special shirt for her mission
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    It doesn't matter, but it is nice when they can get a similar experience to the night sky with a ceiling full of small lights instead of the giant star shapes.

    We swapped my nieces from the classic star shapes to these and they were so blown away
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    @whatchyagonnado those are all great!

    It definitely doesn’t matter, but E recently had a big thing when she discovered that heart shapes are not the same as what an actual heart in our bodies looks like. In this case I like the look of the more realistic ones. But we currently just have the big regular star shapes.
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    I just blew up a few balloons and piled his presents on the table and C1 was happy. We Skyped my parents so they could sing happy birthday and see him open their gifts. Let him pick out dinner (Taco Bell ugh) and he helped me make a cake.
    These are all super adorable ideas and if you’re into it, do it. But if you don’t have it in you, just let a kid do whatever they want for a day and tell them how special they are a million times and they’ll be happy.
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