Kid's Birthday Parties

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  1. Dorothygale

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    Nothing fancy, but the Wilton sugar cookie recipe is easy and the cookies come out nice; not too soft and not too crunchy/brittle.

    Use a thicker icing to outline, let it dry/harden, then add water to thin it out and flood fill the rest.
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  2. fantasynerd

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    This is my grandma’s recipe. I’ve never tried icing them but I see no reason they wouldn’t stand up to it. They’re nothing fancy but I love them.

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  3. Tumnus

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    Thank you guys!
  4. scotchbutter

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    Pig party pics
    HB E.png cupcake.png cookie.png pig.png pig ball pit.png

    MIL made the #2 cookies, I bought and decorated the cupcakes, and all the decor except for the pig-stuff was reused from last year! It wasn't perfect but it was pretty good! E giggled and giggled every time she saw pigs. BIL/SIL gifted the ball pit which I thought was too much but of course it's still in our living room sooo
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    That is so cute!!
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  6. Apples&Oranges

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    A++. So cute!
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  7. fantasynerd

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    Love it!
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  8. shakespeer

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    I want to hang out with your kid.
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  9. Fitz

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    That’s adorable!!
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  10. Roo

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    That is ridiculously cute!
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  11. Tumnus

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    Love it!! Ball pits are the best but also the worst lol.
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