Kid's Birthday Parties

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    This is my grandma’s recipe. I’ve never tried icing them but I see no reason they wouldn’t stand up to it. They’re nothing fancy but I love them.

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    Thank you guys!
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    Pig party pics
    HB E.png cupcake.png cookie.png pig.png pig ball pit.png

    MIL made the #2 cookies, I bought and decorated the cupcakes, and all the decor except for the pig-stuff was reused from last year! It wasn't perfect but it was pretty good! E giggled and giggled every time she saw pigs. BIL/SIL gifted the ball pit which I thought was too much but of course it's still in our living room sooo
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    That is so cute!!
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    A++. So cute!
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    Love it!
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    I want to hang out with your kid.
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    That’s adorable!!
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    That is ridiculously cute!
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    Love it!! Ball pits are the best but also the worst lol.
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    C is 5 on March 31st. I am due April 30th, but have to deliver by April 9 (or potentially earlier). So... I want this party planned and set like yesterday. We are having such a hard time deciding what to do. He wants to have his friends over to watch a movie, play with all his toys, have cake, and pet animals. Sorry kiddo, not if there's the possibility of a newborn in the house. So we can do movie theater, for no idea how much. We can do petting farm, but last year we froze our asses off there. There are a couple places you can do swimming, but they're $$. Chuck-E-Cheese is right around the corner but one of his little buddies is doing his there next month and, like, ugh.
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    @CoolWife Do you have any older theaters near you? A friend of mine did a movie birthday for her daughter and I want to say it was only like $300 for a private screening at the old theater in town, vs $15 per person for the party room and a public screening at the new theater
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    Yeah there is, they just don't have pricing online and I don't wanna call. lol
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    Just throwing this out there... I saw a few birthdays at Domino's Farms last year. It's been fairly warm, and that place is easy to get in and out of.

    Also, bumper bowling.
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    Yup, that's what we did last year - at the Petting Farm. There was a ton of snow and it was fucking freezing!

    Bowling is also fun - one of his friends did that last weekend, so I dunno if he'd want to. Plus it's like $400.
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    Would he be into a trampoline park or gymnastics centre? Someone I know rented out a community centre for her twins' 5th (I think) and I believe they had a Nerf gun war and played dodgeball and stuff.
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    Yeah, maybe. I'm just torn on what to focus on. He wants everything, lol. I think we're going to have to narrow it down to a few affordable options and have him pick.
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    I vote for Chuck E. Cheese simply for the convenience of not having to do shit! I don’t think any kid is going to complain about going to Chuck E. Cheese two months in a row. Lol

    Oh! Just saw Zoom’s response. A trampoline park sounds fun too, and they usually take care of most of the organization and clean up!
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    We actually went to CEC for my niece's baby's 1st birthday (????????) and the pay by the hour format is so much better!
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    Its not something he mentioned, but around here you can also rent out the community pool? That could be fun
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    Botanic garden? Usually they have indoor event spaces. Indoor/enclosed carousel? Children's museums? ($$ but you can maybe limit it to just a handful of friends and pay their admission without renting event space maybe). Our local boutique candy shop has an event space and they can do kid birthday parties, if you have a place like that around.

    Eta: pottery painting place?
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    When I was about that age, I had a cake decorating party at a bakery and LOVED it. Everyone got their own mini cake and all the icing you could ever dream of.
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    What’s that, now? I’m over here planning my next birthday.
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    My fav bday party I was 6ish and my parents got a suite at a local Embassy suites for my friends and I to sleepover in. They ordered pizza in and we swam in the pool. That may be an option thats kinda like what hes asking for but not at your house!
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