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    Yayyyyyy Cali!!!!
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    You’d think lawyers would get it right too but you would also be wrong.
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    I don't know why this made me laugh as hard as it did, but just know I had a good chuckle.
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    3rd beta is in! I am "very pregnant" according to my clinic. 606!


    My doubling time increased from 35 hours to 31 hours.
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    That’s so excellent! Congrats!
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    Queen of the eggs is now Duchess of the Betas!
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    I’m voting Olivia for twin #2. :wink:
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    That is so wonderful <3 <3 <3
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    Also not a bad idea :kiss:
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    fuck yeah you are
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    Aahhhhh!!!! Congratulations!
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    Cali I am so happy for you! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations!! So happy for you <3<3
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    Congrats Cali!
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  18. Such fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you and J!
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    Yay Cali! This is so so wonderful.
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    Awesome!!! Congratulations, @calicat!!!
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    Yay! Congrats, cali!
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  23. Cashmere Bandit

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    Still weeping uncontrollably @calicat . I honestly expected pregnancy news from others to be gutting for me right now, but instead I just feel inexplicable, ridiculous amounts of joy.

    (Typed once I started being able to see again) So this next week I should be expecting a call from the fertility clinic I've been referred to, usually the consultations are scheduled a maximum of eight weeks out.

    Mr. Bandit has always suffered from delayed ejaculation in a lot of circumstances - though perhaps "suffered" is the wrong term, as it's never super impacted our sex life negatively once I sort of got over this idea that society gave me that a man had to orgasm in order to have had fun during sex. It's never been brought up to a doctor, but obviously it's important now. I want him to mention it to our family doctor prior to the fertility consultation, but he seems to think that we'd just be told to bring it up during the consultation (since this is what they do) and it would be a waste of time. I'm a little wary of pushing on this issue at all because it's both his body, and I don't want to push if my actual motivation is "NO I NEED TO SEE SOMETHING HAPPEN NOW GO DO SOMETHING NOW", in addition to just the general feeling of not wanting to waste a doctor's time right now.

    Does just waiting for the fertility consultation make sense? Or will we get a baffled "why is this the first a doctor is hearing about this?" reaction if we wait till then?

    Related but completely different - LH surge was incredibly brief and super early in my cycle, but it was nice to see those dark little lines anyway. Ultrasound came back and right ovary is enlarged and I still have a fairly large cyst on my left ovary (which has been there for over a decade at this point) but it sounds like it's gotten much larger. I've been told it's at the size where they consider removing them just because they're large, even if they aren't causing any other issues. I would think that if it's that large it would be better to remove it so it doesn't cause any pregnancy complications? Should I be expecting a surgical procedure in the near future? Anyone have any thoughts?
  24. moose

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    I feel like it would be something to bring up prior to a fertility appointment. Maybe there is an underlying medical issue causing delayed ejaculation.
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    @Cashmere Bandit - I had a cyst drained during egg retrieval, but that sucker was only there for like a month. My doctor gives cysts an opportunity or two (aka a month or two) to resolve in their own, before he offers to drain it. I would definitely recommend that you have the cyst drained prior to any treatments. It is a super quick process and usually done in house at my clinic but they do put you under.

    J had issues due to blood pressure medication and he spoke to the family doctor about it. It's always good to have a doctor's opinion on it prior to seeing your clinic - that way the specialist can review the things that have been tried/discussed.

    Good luck!!!