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    Thanks! We’ll see.
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    I hope you get some answers and a plan you're happy with soon Fish.
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    I do, too. I think just knowing our options will be huge.
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    This was so true for me. When we found out about the septum and blocked tube, it was like everything reset and we were able to tackle things in a new light.
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  5. Afishwish

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    @calicat How’s that all been going for you?

    Edit: ah, just saw the update about the second surgery. When do you get that info?
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  6. calicat

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    Find out Monday during the saline ultrasound!
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  7. Kimmers

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    I’m seeing my RE next month for a consultation for another IVF transfer. I have a huge list of questions for him but some of them may not be specific to his area of expertise. Is it possible that I need to ask an OB some of these questions?

    - I still do not have even a whisper of a postpartum period and L is 13.5 months old. In my darker moments I’m terrified that the emergency D&C after she was born is to blame for this... I think there is a small risk of subsequent infertility if too much of the uterine lining is scraped. I know it was a bad situation in the ER especially because I had to be awake for the procedure. Am I insane to worry about this?
    - Will my next pregnancy be considered high risk by default due to the many complications I experienced with L? And related: how likely is some of that to happen again? (I did ask my OB about this while still inpatient. The doctor doing rounds said the delivery complications could definitely happen again and I should think about being one and done. I brought it up again with my regular OB when he came to see me later and he strongly disagreed with that and said I would be no more likely to hemorrhage again in a future pregnancy.)

    Do you think these are questions I can ask the RE at least as a starting point? I don’t have an OB down here yet.

    Also, have any chickens done IVF following a successful pregnancy? I know my clinic has changed their protocol since I got pregnant with L and I’m terrified to make any changes to what we did before because it finally worked!
  8. whatchyagonnado

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    @Kimmers I’d actually recommend an MFM consult and your RE can probably refer you.
    Also I didn’t have a PP period with C until I dropped every ounce of breastfeeding so fingers crossed you will get one as soon as you wean!
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  9. scotchbutter

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    This was correct for me too.
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  10. MagnificentCat

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    I’m pretty sure they can force a period. My RE offhandedly said they wouldn’t need to do that to me since my cycles, while irregular, weren’t terribly long.

    But I doubt they will do anything while you’re still nursing. I asked the RE pretty soon after M was born if I needed to go back on my higher dosage of Metformin (they dropped the dosage when I got pregnant) and he said he wouldn’t do anything without fresh bloodwork and he wouldn’t do bloodwork while I was still breastfeeding.

    If you’re concerned about your uterus, you might ask for a hysterescopy (? I can’t spell—you know, the thing with the camera) so they can check and remove any scar tissue.

    Are you insane to worry about this? No. You worry about things the way I worry about things and all this sounds like perfectly normal worry. :kiss:
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  11. hellohelloagain

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    A friend of mine had the issue you're describing after her D&C, but she had a lot of pain in conjunction with the missing periods. She had a surgery done to remove the scar tissue from her uterus, and went on to have 2 more children afterward.

    So I don't think it's insane to worry about, but it's my understanding it's pretty rare, and if you DO have an issue it is treatable.
  12. Kimmers

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    I am really upset right now. My IVF clinic has unexpectedly and abruptly closed. Unexpectedly like I went for a consultation 3 weeks ago and am supposed to be set up for a transfer in a couple months and now that’s cancelled. Which I found out about by watching a story about it on the local news, because no one from the office called to tell me. The two REs I like best are leaving to join a different clinic - one which doesn’t accept my insurance. (But which does accepted the other insurance I COULD HAVE selected during open enrollment last month, if someone had been honest and let me know about this!) My embryos are being moved to a new storage facility and I’m told that while there is “some risk” associated with moving them, I have to sign a waiver saying no one is liable if they’re damaged in transit. If I don’t sign, they’ll be destroyed, since the lab where they’re currently stored is being shut down so they can’t stay there.

    I’m just so sad and overwhelmed. I loved my clinic and I felt so good about our plan. I hate the thought of starting somewhere new and delaying my next transfer to do so and I really hate to leave the actual REs who got me L. Ugh this sucks so much.
  13. Apples&Oranges

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    Oh wow. That is a lot. I understand businesses not wanting to disclose information like that, but you would think working in a place where patients are already full of stress and anxiety and have likely been through big, life altering roller coasters, they'd give a heads up and at least stop scheduling new appointments. Maybe it was higher ups and they didnt tell staff? Thats so low. Im sorry :sad:
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  14. Lh718

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  15. Comet

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    Wow. That is a lot. I never even would have considered this possibility, especially if I am remembering the clinic you used correctly. I can't believe they wouldn't at least send out a mass email to patients before it was on the freaking news. I am really sorry that you are having to deal with this.

    I know some people in your area that have done IVF, let me know if you want me to reach out to them for clinic/RE recommendations.
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    @Comet Yes please! I have heard mixed things about the only other big clinic I know of around here. I feel so completely blindsided. Never would have expected this big university to just shut down their (very successful!) IVF program. I really do not get it.
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    That’s super shitty, sorry @Kimmers.
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    @Kimmers I am so sorry that happened. I would think very hard about following people who couldn’t even call someone with an active chart. I know thats who you like but maybe someone even better is our there, because thats just dirty.
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  19. megatron

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    That’s awful and so discouraging. I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I’d definitely be looking elsewhere too vs following the previous REs. Finding out via the news is ridiculous.
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  20. MagnificentCat

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    There’s not doctor that I personally like enough that I would follow if they don’t accept my insurance. And based on how they handled it, I’d look for any other clinic in the area. This is awful.
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    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this @Kimmers, it’s terrible <3
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  22. Zoomzoom

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    I'm sorry you're dealing with this mess. That's super shitty of them.
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    I'm so sorry :sad: I am sure it will work out but that is so obnoxious and annoying for you to have to deal with.
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    I’m so sorry @Kimmers ! I’m just thinking of how many families we’re blindsided just like you and it’s just awful. I hope you find another doctor and group you love and trust and set up a new timeline very soon.
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  25. Fitz

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    That's terrible, @Kimmers . I, too, would be looking for a new RE. Even though you felt comfortable and helped by the individuals you worked with, the organization overall lacks a good bedside manner, at best. Hugs, friend.
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