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Discussion in 'The Hens' Nest' started by Comet, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Comet

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    That's...weird. But most pharmacies will do it for you.
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  2. calicat

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    That's basically what I did. Getying the vaccine in a few minutes. Waiting for my turn.

    GP office: "since you're trying to get pregnant and already immune to rubella and mumps, we don't want to give the full vaccine"

    I'm sorry but IF I were to get pregnant the risk of contracting measles far outweighs the con of having to put TTC on hold for a month or two.
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  3. HBC

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    If vaccine status is unknown, we just offer the MMR. Is it the ttc part that makes it complicated?
  4. Comet

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    M tried to get the MMR the other day and the Walgreens pharmacist advised against it because of how close my due date was. I thought that was bullshit but obviously I'm not a medical professional, so. Obviously I understand that pregnant women cant receive a live virus vaccine, but why not M?

    I really, really don't understand why they would not give it to a woman who is saying she won't ttc for a month or whatever is advised after getting it.
  5. ClamJam

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    Because he could shed virus that you and/or new baby end up exposed to.
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  6. Zoomzoom

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    I was under the impression the only way it may shed was through feces. I strongly suspect neither Comet or C will be helping M wipe himself.
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  7. calicat

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    Maybe my doctor is an anti-vaxxer :shrug:
  8. Chevere

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    The standard recommendation is to wait three months before pregnancy, and a small amount of rubella has been found in the nose and throat 7-28 days after the vaccine- this might be why they caution being careful around pregnant women/infants. No data has shown that the virus found there is enough to transmit the disease, but they like to be extra cautious. A monovalent vaccines are hard to find (but great if you can) so they usually recommend the trivalent for that reason, even if you are immune to some components :).
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  9. calicat

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    Thank you @Chevere for that! That is above and beyond any answer I got from my doctor's office
  10. Chevere

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    You're welcome- that's really unfortunate, I pulled the info straight from the package insert the doctors office should have too.
  11. calicat

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    So my saga continues. I went in on Wednesday (CD 4) for my bloodwork. I had understood that we were supposed to do an ultrasound around CD 7-10 so just did my bloodwork and left. Today, I called my OBGYN to schedule my ultrasound. She puts me on hold and comes back and says that it was supposed to be done CD 4 with my bloodwork and basically because we didn't get it done, we aren't going to do further testing this month and just start fresh next cycle. Which from a diagnostics perspective makes sense but from a TTC perspective, suuuuucks and makes me sad. And also shows how incompetent the nurses are.
  12. fantasynerd

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    Ugh I’m sorry Cali, that sucks!

    Are you going to take the cycle “off”/just have sex when you feel like it or what?
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  13. MagnificentCat

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    My nurses were great, but I had to assume whoever answered the phone didn’t know my treatment protocol. It was less than fun when I had been there long enough that they knew exactly what my protocol was.

    But I don’t think there’s any cycle where they didn’t do a baseline ultrasound (between days 1-4) and a follow up before ovulation (between days 7-10). Timing with this is so specific that if you miss it, you’re out for a cycle. On the upside, this gives your body more time to get the Metformin working and I believe the effects from that are cumulative so it improves over time.
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  14. CoolWife

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    Ugh @calicat you can’t catch a break, I’m sorry.
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  15. calicat

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    Going to just take off and have sex when we feel like it. Might as well take advantage of the extra lose more weight.

    @MagnificentCat the nurse I spoke to is the one I asked about ultrasound and she said to ask the NP when my results came in. So I am just salty because she could have asked the NP when I inquired on Wednesday. Ultimately nothing to do about it now.

    @CoolWife thanks. I keep thinking that there's some reason for the delays (the vaccine, etc) but this is just getting plain annoying. Let's get this treatment plan on the road!
  16. megatron

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    Ugh I’m sorry Cali. That’s sucks so much for something that should have been “easy” to do, if only you had known (or the nurse had just asked!). Super frustrating, even if/when there’s a reason for the delays <3
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  17. Fitz

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    @calicat that is sooooo fucking annoying. I’m incredibly frustrated for you.
  18. calicat

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    My results came back fantastic this month, we did the damn thing 0-1 and 0-2 so if I'm not pregnant in two weeks, I'm going to be even more pissed off than usual.
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  19. fantasynerd

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    Fingers crossed for you Cali!!!
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  20. moose

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    Good luck Cali! Go little egg go!!
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  21. Tumnus

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    Good luck Cali!
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  22. unicorn

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    Crossing all fingers and toes for you guys!! xx
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  23. megatron

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    I’m so hoping this is the month for you!!! <3
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  24. calicat

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    Thank you ladies! I am hopeful!
  25. hallokween

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    fingers crossed for you, Cali!
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