If Marie Kondo It We Can Too

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  1. fantasynerd

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    I don’t know if Marie Kondo would approve of how many socks I crammed into this drawer, but I’m so happy with it! Now to keep it looking this nice...

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  2. I also have too many socks. But I got rid of a bunch before I put the keepers away so I'm counting it as a win. Why did I ever think I'd need 20 pairs of boot socks?
  3. fantasynerd

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    Because they were different colors and what if you get behind on laundry?

    My problem is that I like having options. At least now I can actually see all of my (sock) options!
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  4. Comet

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    A couple of years ago our goddaughter (approximate age at the time was 2) supposedly picked out a Christmas gift for us all on her own. It was a made in China, quite large sailboat figurine thing that I have never liked. I'm sure it came from Homegoods or something like that so one of only 654,324,665,436 made. I'm not slamming Homegoods-you can find some decent & affordable stuff there, but this thing is incredibly cheesy and generic and definitely was not expensive.

    Anyway, it had been in the office/guest room turned nursery so I finally transitioned it to the donate pile. M took a giant load up to goodwill earlier today, but I just found this thing tucked away in a corner. He didn't want to get rid of it because goddaughter gave it to us and feelings and stuff. :angry: Dammit M, I've been trying to get rid of this thing for years and you know her mom picked it out anyway! I'm tempted to go throw it in the trash can at this point.
  5. ClamJam

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    If he treasures it so much, he can take it to work and display it on his desk.
  6. Comet

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    Good call. I'm putting it in his truck and telling him that.

    Eta: just got into an argument with him because "I'm not taking that to work" and "we can get rid of it....eventually." This is a gigantic thing to try to find a home for while we wait until he is ready to part with it. He doesn't even like the stupid thing either so I just threw it in the fucking trash can.
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  7. ClamJam

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    I need a reality check: how many pairs of shoes is clearly way too many for an adult woman to own? Rooster has 6 pairs, and I have reduced significantly, but I'm wondering if I need to go further. I have a hard time letting go of shoes. I've worn every pair in the last year, but some only once or twice.
  8. HBC

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    I would eliminate duplicates first, like how many black booties are needed, you know? Then I would hold each pair and imagine them with 3-5 currently owned outfits.
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  9. fantasynerd

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    ...I have at least 30, so I’m not the one to ask.
  10. ClamJam

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    This is super useful, thank you. This puts 2 more pairs on the probably donate list.
  11. I have 2 pairs of boots (one black, one grey) 2 pairs of tennis shoes, 2 sets of sandals, a pair of hiking boots, and 3 pairs of heels. M has as many shoes as I do.
  12. deet

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    I need Cons in several colors, okay.
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  13. Apples&Oranges

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    I used to think I didn't need that many shoes. But then I keep finding shoes I NEED. Guess I'm a late bloomer in that department. And J has several pairs of shoes, some of which only go with one or two pairs of shorts or jeans or something. So, I aint even gonna feel guilty about it.
  14. HBC

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    Let me see if I can remember all mine.

    Hiking boots
    flat lace up boots
    knee high black boots
    black booties

    two pairs of navy ballet flats
    one pair taupe flat
    one pair of nude-to-me flats
    one pair bronze flats
    one pair tan oxfords
    two low wedge black shoes (most-worn work shoes)
    one cranberry suede low wedges
    one pair black patent heels
    one brown smoking loafers
    one gold penny loafers
    one boat shoes

    one pair white retro sneakers
    one pair tan leather sneakers
    one pair lady bug print keds
    one pair running gray shoes
    one pair black running shoes
    a pair of navy go walks that match my scrubs

    one pair tan strappy sandals
    one pair metallic jacks
    one pair navy monogram jacks
    one pair teva flip flops
    one pair chaco sandals

    plus toms and knock off chucks for the garden and dog walking

    I guess that's roughly 30!
  15. whatchyagonnado

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    Shoes are pretty easy to get good storage for too. I have a shoe organizer in the bedroom like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002IT6E6A/?tag=danmel-20

    And then we have a kallax bench by the front door and a storage bench in the kitchen which hold shoes for quick walks or playing outside and then a little shoe thing in the garage for quick slide on shoes for errands. I guess if any of those overflowed I’d feel the need to cut back but they all have a place and a purpose so its good to me.
  16. Comet

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    Y'all. He pulled the sailboat back out of the outside trash can. I just spotted it out in the garage. At least he didn't have the audacity to bring it back in the house, but seriously?
  17. HBC

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  18. whatchyagonnado

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    Ewwwwww nasty! Now its garbage coated unwanted boat! COME ON!
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  19. Comet

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    Yeah, it's going right back into that trash can tomorrow morning after he leaves for work. And tomorrow is trash day. Checkmate M.
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  20. My M also has a large model sailboat that he agrees needs to go. And yet...it's still there.
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  21. ClamJam

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    I just really love boots and booties!!!! Also, my feet are the only body part that have been the same size since I was 12, so. There has been a lot of time for.....accumulation.

    ETA: put it in his truck, haha. But really.
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  22. A. Ham

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    I feel like my shoes always wear out and then it's really easy to throw them away but I have fewer shoes going at once than others I think. I love shoes, hate trying them on.
  23. Rico Suave

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    @fantasynerd You have way too many socks to be a Southern Californian :lol:
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  24. fantasynerd

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    @Rico Suave my feet get cold, especially when I have to leave the house at 7AM! And I like colors and options and fun socks even if I’m the only one who sees them.
  25. Honey

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    And too many socks to be a Millennial.
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