If Marie Kondo It We Can Too

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    Lol punny. Anyway,

    I feel like we have had a lot of posts recently on organization or decluttering but I couldn’t find one specific thread for it all. I figure this could be used for declutter goals/organization tips/new systems whatever.

    I wrote up this long thing on how we completely redid all of our toy/book organization this weekend and then was like maybe no one cares *that* much. SO- I will just say its beautiful haha Everything has a purpose and a place and between the three rooms we have toys it all feels very coordinated. Thanks Target!
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  2. I'm purging everything I don't use or don't like as I'm preparing to move. My closet currently has 4 pairs of pants, 6 blouses, 10 dresses, and 4 sweaters; everything else is packed up (mostly winter seasonal, but stuff I do still wear). I'm down to 6 pairs of shoes.

    This has all come about because I didn't want to pay for a uhaul truck so I'm ditching everything that won't fit into a trailer.

    I've started doing the KonMari folding and it has made all the difference in terms of space! My socks, underwear, tees, and camis take up almost no space now!
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    Jeff Goldblum our house is such a dump. Like full of trash.
    I did clean out the pantry, which makes me super happy. I’m pretty ruthless with my clothes, but there are a ton I still need to go through in a pile. And by that I mean donate/recycle because I haven’t worn them in years.
    My fave thing is our newish dressers and the fabric boxes from IKEA. Like it seriously makes my morning to open the drawer and see every kind/color of undies has its own box and they’re all folder and stay that way.
    We need to do something with C’s toys. We have no space for them so the old stuff needs to go.
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    This thread makes me so anxious for good and bad reasons. Good - I need it. Bad - because the apartment feels like an episode of Hoarders.
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    @CoolWife lemme know if you want any pics or specific links. Most of the stuff we bought was $5-$15.

    We got rid of a giant black garbage of toys- ahhhhh so nice. Mostly shit other people got us that we never used for one reason or another.

    I need to get my shit together re-drawer organization. Are they like legit boxes or those honeycomb things? Would they fit bras?
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    I love this thread. I recently redid my closet and got rid of two full bags of clothes and 20 pairs of shoes but still have too much. (Yes I used to buy shoes and never wear them: so stupid.) My goal is to organize my drawers once I fully wean and can move nursing camis and reevaluate shirts and dresses at the end of summer. Anything I don’t touch is fucking gone.

    I also am stuck about E’s toys. I feel like we have so much and people keep gifting more (sweet but our house is small!) What do you do with a million board books?
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    We have a kallax in C’s room for books plus got two of these picture shelves at Target. One for the playroom and one for the living room. C loves to be read to so previously we just had books everywhere. I have 17 books on each shelf, mostly board books so they hold a LOT. (We have so many books because there is an AMAZING used book sale here annually and most of them cost 25 cents).

    $15 a piece-

    (Also comes in a cherry and black in the store).
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  9. whatchyagonnado

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    Yes! The one is above floor pillows on the playroom floor and the other is just above a kallax like thing thats turned on its side if that helps with an idea of height.
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  11. Afishwish

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    Little libraries are perfect for this.
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  12. CoolWife

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    Or daycare.
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    I'm kinda trashy and don't care, but I use shoe boxes as clothes drawer containers.
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    My friend took me to a talk by Gretchen Rubin about her new book, and I feel like her methods are a little more customizable than Kondo's, so I wanted to throw it out there as a resource.

    One of the things that really hit me was a line where she said people often don't want to get rid of things because they don't want to contribute to the landfill, but either it goes in the landfill now or in 40 years when you're dead and your kids are dealing with it. She also helped me realize that one of the reasons M holds onto things is that he's an under-buyer. He won't get rid of something because he's nervous he'll have to replace it later.

    We recently switched to folding our clothes the Marie Kondo way and it has saved so much space! I probably still have clothes I should get rid of, but I'll give it until the end of the year going through all the seasons to make sure I'm really not wearing it.
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    We're having a yard sale in 2 weeks so I need to get ruthless.
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    I've put this in other places and figure this thread is another smart spot. P is a hoarder because "muh memrees" even though he rarely ever looks at any of his crap, er, treasures. One compromise he has embraced is taking pictures of stuff then letting said stuff go. One day I may end up with shoeboxes full of DVDs, flashdrives, and SD cards with pictures, but that's so much easier to handle than whole rooms or the storage unit he wanted to rent.
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    This might be a future E. Toy purging this weekend, I asked her to choose 2 toys that would make another little girl or boy happy to have. She chose a stuffed cow and then asked me to take a picture of her with it because “I’m really going to miss him.”
  18. Kimmers

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    OMJG this is giving me stress flashbacks to having to weed out toys as a kid; I haaaaaated it. Especially the stuffies. I was always convinced they felt abandoned. :lol:

    I still somewhat think this.
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  19. Canaligator

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    I mean Pixar has a whole franchise founded on that feeling!
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    I would love to minimize everything in the house, but rooster is a hoarder collector, so we struggle with clutter a lot. It is legit one of the things that we have relationship damaging fights about.
  21. Honey

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    Will you be my new mommy? My mom used to get so upset when I would get rid of junk that she thought I should be sentimental about. She admitted to me that there were multiple occasions where I purged stuff as a kid, and she fished things out of the trash because it was “special.”

    (This has in no way taken on a new endearing meaning with her passing. I’m still annoyed at all the bullshit I had to go through in her apartment.)
  22. Kimmers

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    My mom still does this if she happens to be around when I’m purging. It makes no sense to me because she’s ruthlessly anti-clutter with her own things.
  23. Dorothygale

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    Look, there’s only room for one sentimental hoarder in this house, and that’s rooster. I guess we balance each other. If I had to save every damn toy and noodle encrusted piece of art my kid makes...o_O

    It drives me crazy when he “saves” things on my behalf. This weekend I found a stash of stuff in the back of his closet that I tossed last week. Like, thanks for saving my prom picture from before I ever even knew you, of course I want to remember the teenage asshole I dated who threw up all over me that night! Memories!

    PS - the cow is still here, sorry to stress you @Kimmers :lol:
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    I won’t throw away things from my childhood that are in my home because I’m afraid my mom will be upset that I got rid of it. K finally was like “it belongs to you and it’s in your home! If you don’t want it then throw it out.”

    I’ve been doing better but I still have a fear one day my mom will say something like “where is that random school project you did in 3rd grade?” To be fair, I wouldn’t put it past her. She still regularly tells me not to throw things away in case I want E to see them one day.
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    If it’s meaningless but you feel bad, take a photo. (And favorite it, if you have an iPhone, for easy access.) It’ll still exist and you’ll be able to reflect, but it won’t take up a lot of physical space.
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