Homeownership - Maintenance, Building, Updating, Renos, etc.

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  1. Canaligator

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    :lol: You shouldn’t have! NO REALLY YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE!
  2. Fitz

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    How Bunk? Just how?

    I’m assuming Bunk because we all know Mookie Betts is too nice to do permanent damage like that.
  3. HBC

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    This damned cat
  4. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    No, Bunk is an angel who has never caused me a moment of grief. It was Mookie betraying his namesake’s goodwill.
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  5. Canaligator

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    So the sink doesn’t look that bad from up top - but when you open the vanity and look at the underside there’s a chunk of porcelain missing. Also it looks like they tiled the floor after putting in the vanity so if/when we have to replace it, I imagine we will have to redo the floors also.

    Fucking cat :bird:

    W is at Lowe’s getting some caulk / sealant to try to buy us time before we have to call in the professionals. We were supposed to road trip to get bar pizza today so count this toward the whining thread too.
  6. Erie

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    I started looking into hurricane resistant/wind rated garage doors (since we keep hearing that this year is supposed to be a bad hurricane season) and was accepting we’d have to pay $1000ish for this soon. And then I found “hurricane reinforcement” for garage doors. I was like “well this looks a LOT like ours!” And sure enough ours IS already reinforced! I am so excited haha!
  7. MagnificentCat

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    So, I never thought I’d be contemplating a home expansion but here we are. Unless the move-up market tanks there little point in moving (which honestly I’ve been waiting for it to with the inventory glut for ages but it shows zero signs of it). We’d end up with a much smaller backyard and equal or lesser improvements.

    We really need a study— we have a little niche but we need a dedicated space with a door. Our lot floor plan can accommodate an addition to the front with relatively few changes (roof line concerns me but it’s not impossible). The additional SF would still put us in the middle of the pack for house in our neighborhood.

    So I feel like the best thing in addition to talking to contractors is to speak with a realtor to make sure this wouldn’t put us in a situation where we wouldn’t price ourselves out of our neighborhood? This is all very initial thoughts right now and honestly I may just chicken out and not want to deal with it. Not sure moving or expanding would be the bigger inconvenience. Has anyone done an addition?

    ETA: to be clear I am not talking about having anyone in my home or having anything beyond conversations and at the most web meetings looking at existing floor plans and rough sketches. This is nothing that would even be a possibility until maybe next year.
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  8. deet

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    I guess this fits here, but we have a fucking FAMILY of groundhogs on the side of our garage. We initially thought it was a mama & 2 babies, but we think there's up to 5 of them. S poured ammonia down the hole yesterday & now I think we are going to call someone to deal w/it. They'll fuck up the foundation of the garage if we don't get that hole filled again.

    The kids, naturally, want to keep them.
  9. Zombie Llama

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    Of course it's groundhogs in the decade 2020.
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  10. deet

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    LOL JK we are going to try harder ourselves, we have a live trap. $285 for them to come out 5 days to look at the live trap they set - $50 for each groundhog they catch.

    Hopefully I can't get a ticket for releasing groundhogs into the woods.
  11. Zoomzoom

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    We've got a company redoing our back plant bed and all they've done is rip everything out and it looks so much better. I'm excited.