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Discussion in 'The Hens' Nest' started by Honey, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Vespidae

    Vespidae Antagonist Staff Member

    Nooo not the yellow chair!
  2. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    I’m sad to get rid of it but we really don’t have space for it. :-(
  3. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    New chairs arrived today! See me in the Need Chicken Shopping Help thread for help finding an end/side table now lol.


  4. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    @Erie every time you post a photo of this room I feel soothed.
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  5. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    It feels much more cohesive with these chairs! The plants and chairs have given it a totally different vibe and I love it.
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  6. Vespidae

    Vespidae Antagonist Staff Member

    That plant looks bigger already. Those things are insane. :loveu:
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  7. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    Love the room and the chairs!
  8. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    Took a wild guess that Winnie would enjoy a bed under one of them (she lays under the table all the time so not THAT wild of a guess)

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  9. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    Winnie cave
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  10. shakespeer

    shakespeer Basic Pirate Lesbian Aesthete

    Does she have room for one more because I’m done with the world.
  11. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    I know right. It looks so cozy.
  12. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    We’re doing a big white ikea cube shelf in the kitchen. Most will be open to fill with cookbooks and decorative items and the bottom row will be storage cube boxes.

    We got two of these beige/white polka dot ones and want to get two more. Which ones do you think?

    Kitchen has very light gray leaning blue walls and medium wood colored floor.

    EBE182C9-ADCF-4348-923B-6F044A0740C3.jpeg CAC618E6-77B5-4855-9778-FD76B8CC2367.jpeg D5FBA7AA-FBAB-447E-9EB2-FBDC65819A70.jpeg 56CF33B2-AFB0-4857-863D-0C6918173A8D.jpeg
  13. Chevere

    Chevere Chicken

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  14. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    Another vote for teal!
  15. Zoomzoom

    Zoomzoom Old Curmudgeon

  16. Lh718

    Lh718 Chicken

    Teal for a great pop of color!
  17. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    Yeah, teal.
  18. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    Do you think that color teal would clash with the walls though? They can read super light blue.
  19. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    Are the tones of those neutrals going to look off together?
  20. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    You mean like the floor? Or you mean if we went with one of the darker gray options and the beige?
  21. ClamJam

    ClamJam Chicken

    Whichever one is easiest to wipe off spaghetti or whatever the kids are going to get on them :twisted:.

    Otherwise, teal!
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  22. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    The second thing!
  23. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    Good thought. I was thinking the darker the gray the better chance it would look okay with the beige? I don’t really have an eye for these things. Also it’s hard to say since the color might be different in person. I’m between the dark gray and the teal I think.
  24. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    I’m no judge online either
  25. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    I would go with teal because I personally don’t like grey and beige together. The teal would be a nice pop of color.
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