Hair Cut/Color Decisions.

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  1. calicat

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  2. ClamJam

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    So still mastering french braiding but this trick helped so much:

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  3. Lh718

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    Omg so simple yet so brilliant! I'm gonna practice with the ladder way from now on.
  4. Apples&Oranges

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    It looks simple, but I have a feeling my fingers arent gonna cooperate lol. I can try it on S's hair. My hair is too thin to braid anymore :sad: I think I'm trending towards female hair loss, honestly. If I'm not careful with the way I fix it, I can pretty easily see my scalp. :cry: I have to like, female version of a comb over.
  5. whatchyagonnado

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    Requested an appt for a cut and dye tomorrow. I was thinking of doing it later this week or next but the stylist whos insta I liked best only had tomorrow online.
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  6. LouiseBelcher

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    You might try adding collagen and biotin to your diet. I started to lose some hair when i went keto. I added a collagen protein shake every day and a biotin supplement and the problem is gone. I just buy plain, unflavored collagen powder and mix it with coffee or passion tea concentrate and ice and it is good.
  7. Lucyinthesky

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    I want to dye my hair and whenever I get this feeling, I grab some box dye and regret it immediately. Maybe I’ll get some temporary colour, because the bottom three inches are still lightened but I’ve grown out all the rest. It isn’t as bad as it sounds, but I could use a change.
  8. Kimmers

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    I went for my last CT hair appointment last night and allllll the stylists had just used the MoroccanOil masks. They looked SO GOOD!! I could not believe how much color they got from these things. 100% I’m trying this, just can’t decide between rose gold and hibiscus. On the one hand I love the bright pink, on the other hand the rose gold is much more subtle/maybe a better starting point? But I usually do cool toned blond highlights, so is the warm rose gold a weird mix... my stylist actually applied both pinks and ended up with a mix of dark blond, rose gold and hot pink and it looked fantastic.
  9. Chevere

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    Rose gold is usually cool enough even when warm so I think you'd be good with either or a mix!
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  10. TaterTot

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    Does it really rinse out fully clean, even on naturally light hair?
  11. whatchyagonnado

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    Idk how to feel about my hair. She styled it straight even though I never wear it straight so I only got a peek at the real deal after I showered last night. Before and after below. I feel like

    1. Idk why I even try and explain my hair will be inches shorter than where they cut it straifht. This is not collarbone length!

    2. I cant see much color? $155 man. (A says he can tell but again I feel like moreso when it was straight!)

    3. Is it me or is the one side slightly longer?

    This is just airdryed from the shower aka what it will normally look like because I am lazy.

    3B24161B-02D9-4C39-94E7-E0E8A473DC5F.jpeg 3C903B9A-CB3C-4B4C-AA42-9A5F0DAC0897.jpeg
  12. Imabug1002

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    I can see a color difference but it's slight. It might just be the was it curled up but it might also be how you have your shoulders raised to take a picture, I would say don't do anything until you wash and style a few times. As a fellow curly girl who's had a slew of bad haircuts, the best advice I have is find a stylist with naturally curly hair. A lot of salons post pictures on their website of the staff or on social media so that's what I've looked for the past 2 haircuts (one in PA and one in IL) and have had really good luck. I passed over highly rated and closer salons if I couldn't find someone with curly hair.
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  13. deet

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    I don't know if this is an obvious thing that curly-haired people do, but my husband goes to an ethnic barber to get his hair cut because any other run-of-the-mill place will undoubtedly fuck it up.

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