Good fences make good neighbors

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    Why are trump supporters so showy? Like, do they realize they are making a mistake but can't admit they might be wrong so you have to double down on it?

    I do not feel the need to put a giant Biden banner up.
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    There’s a house about a mile from us that both has a bunch of huge rainbow flags and Trump flags. So many flags. I don’t think they see the conflict there.
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    We kind of hate the people that live across the street from us. The woman is just an annoying waste case, but the guy is a real asshole. He is in one of those old man bands that plays crappy music at bars full of other old people who have been drinking way too much for way too long. They have band practice in his garage at least a couple of times a month, even throughout the last couple of months (because that COVID stuff isn't real anyway amirite?). We have asked them a ton of times to please stop at a reasonable hour or at least close the garage that points directly at the front of our house and C's bedroom. He'll even see M in the street and mention that they are planning to have band practice that night but "don't worry, we'll wrap it up by 9pm." To which M has responded that the baby goes to bed at 7:30, but ok, whatever because he's not going to start an argument with the guy. Then they always go way later than 9pm anyway so why even bother pretending to be considerate. M went over there a couple of weeks ago because they'd had band practice two nights out of the last three and were still going at 11:30pm. The guy and several of his bandmates got a little testy with M and he came back verrrry heated (not like him at all), but they closed the garage so we left it alone.

    Anyway, tonight I look out the window because Indy is barking her face off and it is because two sheriff's deputies are carting this guy off in a patrol car. Of course now I have to internet stalk this guy to find out what he did. Y'all. He got arrested several years ago, mind you in his early 50s, for trying to snatch money out of the open cash drawer at Publix. And then, because that was not stupid enough, he apparently decided that following any of the conditions of his probation was not for him so he just didn't go to meetings with his probation officer or pay any of his required court fees/fines. He only owes $1400 total, which I'm guessing shouldn't put him out too much based on the house he lives in, the golf cart he tools around town in, etc. Tonight's arrest was just the most recent in a string of violation of probation arrests all stemming from that one stupid attempted robbery.

    Side note: when I FB stalked them to figure out his last name for my court records search, I found a picture he posted from the night M went over there captioned "Wake The Baby earned its namesake in true style tonight, yada yada yada." There were several joking comments from other bandmates about disturbing my sleeping child too. Yay for flaunting what assholes you are on the internet. We have tried to be as nice as possible about their annoying & crappy music, but now they will no longer get a courtesy request to turn it down or close the garage. We will be going straight to calling the non-emergency sheriff's number in the future.
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    WTAF @Comet . Good thing you’re moving away from this awful dude. In the meantime, report report report, this guy SUCKS.
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    What a fucking asshole!
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    Holy shit y'all. His arrest info finally popped up on the county website and it is not related to the dumb Publix robbery after all. He was arrested for aggravated child abuse and there is no bond set so it must have been really bad. :sad:

    Eta: any & all child abuse would be bad of course, but I know from personal experience that they don't always force the abuser to stay in jail with no bond.
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    What a lame ass loser.
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    Wow, several layers of shit there

    ETA: maybe his record of not following conditions of probation is why no bond
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    Holy shit @Comet. So glad you’re moving away from that horrible person.
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    How did I not catch that you are moving?
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    Holy shit I’m also glad you’ll be away from that asshole soon.

    Also missed that you’re moving!!!
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    Countdown is extra on until you can get away from that shitbag.
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    OMJG @Comet how scary! I now vote (as much as I’d be fuming over that fb post) that you just lie low until the move rather than calling in noise complaints. He’s a fucking asshole and he deserves the complaints, but it’s not worth having to worry about him trying to retaliate in some way.
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    We have been crazy busy and so I had not shared it here yet. We are buying a house from friends in our same town. We weren't really planning on buying a different house any time soon, but we've always told them to let us know if they're selling because we LOVE their lot/yard/pool. They put in an offer on another house and offered us theirs at a good deal since we can do the transaction with no realtors or their fees. We are closing in about a month. :mrgreen: