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  1. Lh718

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    If you go with the shop, definitely budget for a lot of time. You could go with a separate tailor or seamstress and potentially cut that time.
  2. A. Ham

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    Mine was two months but they just needed to hem it shorter, add in bra cups, and nip in the shoulder lace a bit. This was at the shop. I don't think it took a full two months to do. I was nervous of gaining weight for whatever reason so I didn't want to start too early.
  3. megatron

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    Unless the alterations are quite significant or you are using a different seamstress, most stores here do alterations 3-4 weeks out.
  4. LouiseBelcher

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    I used an outside seamstress. She did the major stuff- the cups and restructuring a little at about 5 weeks out. I went in at 3 weeks to make sure that was good. I went for my last fitting about a week out and she did the final taking in.
  5. Chevere

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    Awesome, sounds like I can wait til the new year (wedding is end of February), though I know the hem will be challenging with all the beading. Using an outside seamstress, purchased the dress while on vacation and they don't have locations near me. Thanks everyone!

    For just a bridal bouquet I can order that a couple weeks out right?
  6. CoolWife

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    Florist pricing can vary widely, I'd start asking around for prices for what you want.
  7. A. Ham

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    I used the bouqs which was wholesale flowers that you wrap into a bouquet yourself--it was super cheap but I ordered it I think 2-4 months out.
  8. LouiseBelcher

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    Because of Valentine's Day, I'd get flowers ordered pretty soon.
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    Also, double check with the seamstress if you havent already just to get it in the books.
  10. yesmaster

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    Planning a first wedding as an "older than average" bride and having been a bridesmaid 7 times it interesting.

    I just emailed my bridesmaids with info for their dresses. I keep catching myself trying to be the cool bride and saying over and over how it's no big deal if they don't want to or can't come to events and I hope they like the colour choice. Now one of them has asked me what I am thinking for the shower and Bachelorette and I am nervous even suggesting that I do hope someone plans those events.

    I feel like all of my (2 so far) emails since picking my bridesmaids have come with a pretext of "you can say no, I hope you all like each other, I don't want this to be stressful or for anyone to feel obliged to do anything ever".
  11. Honey

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    Just keep thanking them. Thank them for thinking of you and taking time out of their own lives to honor you with these special, once-in-a-lifetime events. Tell them that "it would be great if we could do dinner and a show and dancing [or whatever you do have in mind] for my bachelorette party, but I'm happy to go with the consensus and spend time with you." They'll know you want the party and that you want them to plan it and that the most important thing to you is mutual adoration, them for you and you for them.
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    That is good advice. I'll try to include Thank Yous in all of my communication and work on rephrasing my "you don't have to but if you want to" responses.
  13. yesmaster

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    Last night TG and I asked the Director that we love to work with (the one responsible for introducing us) to officiate and he said yes! I was so nervous to ask. He is notoriously stoic and it is really hard to read him.