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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by allmaple, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. allmaple

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    I just had a quick question and didn't want to hijack other threads that had been started for specific chicken's upcoming weddings. I know a few chickens are still planning weddings so it might be helpful to have a thread for questions and advice from people who haven't drank the wedding Kool Aid that is apparently a prerequisite on the Bee before answering a simple question.

    I am assembling our invites and have read elsewhere that other people numbered the RSVPs on the back in case guests didn't write their names on the card (some even crazy enough to do it in invisible ink because OMJG don't want the guests to see it!) Did anyone actually do this or have problems with anonymous RSVPs? We are having our wedding in Florida which everyone will have to travel for and already know a lot of people we are inviting won't come (I think we invited about 140 and are hoping at least 40-50 will come) so if we have a lot of anonymous responses I don't want to have to pester people by trying to contact them again if they are coming or not.
  2. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    Everyone wrote their name on our RSVP's, but we only sent out something like 22 invitations. The people I had to call and text and harass are probably the ones who would have forgotten but I never saw the actual paper. :)

    I actually put it on the envelope. I lifted a corner and wrote it where it wouldn't get ripped off, but you'd have to be looking to see it. The cards were flat, and I didn't want people to see the number and wonder where they rated.
  3. kthom

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    I just wrote a number on the back of the card. I didn't bother with invisible ink. No one noticed and no one forgot to put their name.
  4. Fitz

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    I do think we had a few people who forgot to put their names on our response card. I (well, my super awesome sister) numbered each response card on the back. No one noticed, and I doubt they would have cared if they had. We invited about 170.
  5. snarktopus

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    I wrote numbers on the backs in regular pen. No one mentioned it. We had like 5 come back with no names.
  6. Glitz&Camo

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    I wrote numbers on the back (didn't bother with invisible ink), and I am so glad I did. We had several people either not put their names down, or not write clearly enough and we couldn't figure out who it was from. When I was doing it, I honestly did not expect people to just not write their names, but tons of people invited did not understand RSVPs.
  7. allmaple

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    Hmm, I was really hoping this was something only the crazy uber brides worried about. I guess I will take the ones apart of already made and number everything just in case.
  8. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    We had RSVP cards (but not stamped), and both a number and an email address for people to sent their RSVP. They ALL emailed.
  9. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    We also numbered with a pen. No one commented. Out of about 100 invites, we got between 5-10 with no names.

    It's definitely worth doing if you're sending out a bunch.
  10. kthom

    kthom Cute Food <3

    Who the hell are all these people that don't put names on their RSVP? I guess if more people had actually sent the damn RSVP back we might have had some with no names. We had to shake most of the people down to find out if they were coming.
  11. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I had such a small guest list that I just took a "you better be there, biatch" approach. I didn't even include RSVP cards.
  12. Lh718

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    Funny story - we didn't have any blank ones, but one of P's brothers' RSVP had P's name on it then crossed out with the brother's name. We laughed for days.
  13. We also put a small number on the back with pen.
  14. My dad did that! My name starts with M so where the M________ part is he wrote our names, then realised his mistake and crossed it out lol.
  15. Glitz&Camo

    Glitz&Camo Chicken

    I got some many calls and texts from friends that had no idea what the M________ was for. What else would go there but your name?
  16. PerilousPoozer

    PerilousPoozer Chicken

    I numbered the backs of mine, but all of them came back with names. I also had a few that didn't know what to do with the RSVP card at all.
    I say better safe than sorry. Just in case.
  17. snarktopus

    snarktopus Chicken

    We didn't do the M part at all, just a line with NAME(S) on it. IIRC, J's stepgrandma didn't put her name, his aunt's family came back with no names (and a weird as hell RSVP count--we invited 3 and only his aunt was coming, so that threw me off). There were a few more, but I can't remember off the top of my head.
  18. Blahblah

    Blahblah Quitter

    We numbered ours and stamped the number of spots "reserved" for that family on each one. No one said anything about the numbers and we had a dozen or so come back without names. RSVPs are hard, y'all!

    __ Will attend
    __ Will Not attend
    We have _2_ seats reserved for your family
    (or something like that)

    G was worried that his extended family would bring like all their kids and grandkids because they are used to open wedding invites. We did have one of G's relatives talk to everyone on her branch of the family and figure out how many people weren't coming so she could bring extras. It was pretty comical.
  19. nym711

    nym711 THIS IS MY LIFE NOW

    Out of the 20 I sent, my little brother's had no name on it. This is after I asked if he was coming. Instead of answering, he told me he would send that little card thing. My older brother didn't even bother to send it back or let me know until I asked him about six times.
  20. MrsC

    MrsC Chicken

    This is making me not look forward to invitations and rsvp's. We have around 250 people invited, oy vey!

    Did anyone order invitations online? I got the STD's from but I found ones I really like from minted and was wondering if anyone used them? Also, is it bad to get the addresses printed on the envelope and not get a calligrapher? I feel like no one notices, I can't even recall the invites I have gotten in the past year.
  21. snarktopus

    snarktopus Chicken

    We ordered all of our stuff from Vistaprint and it all turned out great. WPD and minted have gorgeous stuff, but too expensive for me, and you can customize a lot of the aspects. We printed addresses on the envelopes from my printer at home and they looked great, too. I picked a pretty font and did trial and error with extra envelopes, made a template, and printed in batches.
  22. kthom

    kthom Cute Food <3

    I ordered my envelopes with return addresses pre-printed. Then I downloaded the same font and I just ran the envelopes through my printer for the front address. No one cares.
  23. allmaple

    allmaple Chicken

    I ordered my save the dates and invites from Etsy, at first I thought they were on the expensive side but when I looked at the invites that matched our website those were actually more. I printed clear labels for the addresses and give zero fucks if that is "tacky" or whatever the hell the Bees would call it.
  24. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    I wrote all the addresses on with a Bic. For save the dates I ran them through the printer, but I was afraid to mess up the more expensive envelopes for the invites. Especially if you have double envelopes, the outer will get tossed right away.
  25. PerilousPoozer

    PerilousPoozer Chicken

    I ordered my invites from Zazzle, along with the outer envelopes. We ran all envelopes through the printer in a nice script font and they turned out great. I bought an embosser from The Paper Source and embossed the back flaps. They came out really nice.