From Amnysti to Zephyr: Bad Baby Names

Discussion in 'Smothers' started by Honey, Apr 13, 2013.

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  2. HBC

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    Did they not do a cursory google to find the pop culture references?
  3. Honey

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    They have to know, right?
  4. Zoomzoom

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    It said they've had the name picked out for 5 years. I don't know how they could not know.
  5. Apples&Oranges

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    I mean, Batman's Arkham Asylum has been around for much longer than 5 years. I assume they have to know.
  6. Zoomzoom

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    Yeah they chose it because of Batman.
  7. allmaple

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    Azula and Eclipsa. She says she will help the girls legally change their names if they want to. I'm thinking they will.

    AITA for naming my kids after villains (self.AmItheAsshole)

    submitted 2 days ago by AITA_babyshit

    So it’s all pretty stupid but I thought I’d make a post since my family seems to wanna make it a big deal. Before the virus that shall not be named shut down everything I had two beautiful twin girls. The names I picked out I kept a secret until I announced their birth + gender. Both names are from characters I love and hold near and dear. The names are Azula (Avatar the last air bender) and Eclipsa (Star vs the forces of evil). I made a post about it and everything seemed fine until I got a message in the family group chat. My mother was livid that I’d name my girls after two villains whose names won’t “represent my daughters well” (I found out my brother told her who they were names after.) I told her that the names don’t define who they are. She didn’t respond but I come to find a long Facebook post about how I “doomed” my “sweet little angles” and how names have weight and will effect how they turn out. All the comments are relatives agreeing with her and how “people these days will name their kids anything”. I didn’t name my kids hotdog and cheese like I don’t get what’s so bad. Anyways I’ve just been getting a lot of “hate” if you will from my family. It’s making me genuinely wonder AITA for naming my kids after two “villains”
  8. Lh718

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    LMFAO @ I didn't name them hotdog and cheese! Don't be giving people ideas, ma'am.

    I don't care that they're villain names, and Azula even sounds like legit, though odd, name (but too close to Zuul). Eclipsa looks like someone can't spell.
  9. HBC

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    Sweet little angles
  10. fantasynerd

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    Based on Reddit comments, Azula is apparently a true villain with no or few redeeming qualities. But it’s a better name than Eclipsa, who is at least more a victim than villain.
  11. shakespeer

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    We all have a list of names we wanted to name a child when we were 9-12. (Lisp was on mine. It sounded “pretty like a fairy.”)

    We should leave that list there and then not inflict it on living human children.
  12. hellohelloagain

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    Looking up this show, it sounds like Eclipsa is one of the better names from it... at least she didn't go for "Heckapoo"

    That said the show is from like, 2015 so it's likely not a childhood nostalgia thing unless OP is pretty young.
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    Wound up down a rabbit hole of SYTTD clips and saw a Chelsye and a Magan.

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