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  1. Canaligator

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    My friend gets put in FB jail regularly for saying men are trash. The thing is, men are still trash.
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    So my employer has a department meant to support student entrepreneurs. Students pitch ideas to people in the industry, and I think they can get seed grants and other support if these ideas are picked up.

    One illustrious female student apparently pitched an app that tells women what clothing/brands have items with pockets. Unfortunately, the judge she pitched to was a 50 year old dude. Guess what idea wasn't picked up.
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  3. Aw Pigley

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    That's an app I'd pay for
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    liking because I want that app
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    Let's crowdfund her.
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    He does realize your hymen can break due to non-sexual activity?! Also I hope his daughter being an adult GTF away from him.
  10. Kimmers

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    OMJG this is horrifying.
  11. Fitz

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    Um I hope the gynecologist tells TI every year that hymen intactness has no bearing on a person's sexual activity and to also GTFO with his bullshit.
  12. Honey

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    I hope the GYN has been telling him what he wants to hear and giving his daughter normal exams with honest safe sex talks while she's in the stirrups.
  13. Apples&Oranges

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    This is beyond disgusting.
  14. Canaligator

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    I’m at the brewery waiting for my friend to hopefully join me (as long as her 4:30 call wasn’t a shit show) and I’m basically manspreading to preserve a bar stool. I am behaving like every mediocre abled white guy who ignored my pregnant friends and/or me in a walking boot on the subway and while I feel guilty it’s kind of awesome payback.
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    A Facebook friend posted a picture of her with her hand over her drink at the bar along with a rant about how mad she is that it’s so ingrained to cover her drink to not be roofied that she doesn’t even know she does it. Several people commented on it about how they do it too due to experience with getting drugged etc. Some MWG comments “Better safe than sorry. People suck. I do this too cause I don't want someones spit while they're talking ending up in my drink”

    DUDE. She is concerned about being drugged and raped, you can leave your spittle concerns somewhere else. Read the fucking room you over privileged piece of shit.

    Her post: “You know what makes me angry? Makes me want to rage and body slam people? This. This right here. The fact that I catch myself sitting like this in a bar. Enjoying the music, feeling the groove...with my hand over my glass. My hand over my glass in case some jerk comes along and sees an opportunity. I didn’t even realize I did this. And when I did, I got angry. Like really mad. When did I get programmed to feel so insecure? How about men just do better? I don’t feel like the vast majority of men would take advantage of this opportunity. But it happens. It happens when we let our guard down. I’m sure I’ll continue to do this. Whether I want to or not. But guys, it’s up to you to make this NOT OKAY! If you see your buddies acting up and doing wrong, call it out! Or you are just as responsible for the shadiness as they are.”
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    Fuuuuck that guy, wtf.

    I was watching Grease last night and just noticed the line about Vince Fontaine trying to put “an aspirin” in Marty’s drink. So creepy.
  17. scotchbutter

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    So much of history (and the future) could have been better if men heeded this advice.
  18. Fitz

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    My colleague who very much considers himself a "Woke Man" (TM) and does work in diversity sat down and chatted with me about how he should be able to take 12 weeks off after proof of a vasectomy, just like parents get parental leave.
  19. Canaligator

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    OMJG (also is it the guy who ran for office? I bet it is...)
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    What the actual fuck
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    I guess that says something about how delicate his manhood is.
  24. yesmaster

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    I had a very good chat with my Dad this weekend about weddings and gender. We were talking about some basic wedding planning things when he got a bit emotional and said that he really enjoyed being a part of the weddings of my brothers but that my wedding will mean more because I'm his daughter.

    Honestly, my instinct was to snap at him but instead I said "let's unpack that, why do you think my wedding will mean more?". He told me that was just how it was, he had always dreamed about my wedding as something Fathers look forward to for their daughters. He said he'd been thinking about it since I was born. I pointed out that it shouldn't be that way, me getting married isn't any more meaningful just because of my gender. He said he agreed but it just was. I told him that I'm not disputing that he has thought about my wedding since I was born, but that it is sad that we live in a world where that happens. Why is it that when the Doctor announced my sex it immediately started him thinking about my wedding like some great finish line I was going to reach and more importantly why didn't that happen with my brothers? I said I understood why he felt differently but I hoped that future Fathers who grew up in a more feminist world wouldn't. I pointed out that socially this can be really negative on little girls when their parents talk about their wedding as an inevitability and all of the media aimed at them ends with a happily ever after wedding. It makes it seem like that is our ultimate path and to do anything else is less than. It also sexualizes little girls. I took this opportunity to say that I don't want anyone referring to me as a little girl or a "my baby" during any wedding speeches.

    I think he got it. He didn't disagree with me but held firm that it WILL feel different for him. I guess it will. Hopefully he will remember the conversation though and think about any of my future daughters or nieces the same as he does his Grandson.

    This whole engagement process has left me with some really conflicting feelings. I am very happy to be marrying TG but I want to scream anytime someone gets all squeeky and excited (ESPECIALLY if they mention the fact that I am over 30) when they find out about it. I resist the urge to say "yes, I am very happy but I was also happy before and this ring does not complete me as a person!"
  25. Chevere

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    Exactly @yesmaster. All of that. I was very pissed my family was more congratulatory about my engagement than my doctorate degree. I still feel icky when people congratulate us, I think marriage is a beautiful thing, but I don't see it as an accomplishment
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