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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by HBC, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. amonavis

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    I've been laughing at how dumb this dude is all morning. I don't really follow comics or superhero movies closely, but Gail Simone seems like a badass in the field.

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  2. scotchbutter

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    She was so nice about it too, damn.
  3. android

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  4. DaleBrennan

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    This is me every day on the metro with men who take up two seats during rush hour because their balls are so big they need to sit with their legs splayed open, or they need that second seat for Their Bags.
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  5. Zombie Llama

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  6. DaleBrennan

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    Update to Men on the Metro: Yesterday while rushing for my train I bumped into a guy who was standing with his hands on his hips and at an angle (so taking up most of the escalator). He freaked out and screamed how rude I was for not saying excuse me because I'm such a fucking bitch.

    I ignored it and then once I realized he was not going to stop screaming about what a bitch I was, I told him that all he had to do was to just PUT HIS FUCKING ARMS DOWN. It was a little scary because he followed me around the platform but I made sure we got into two different cars. In hindsight, I could have said excuse me, but also...you do not need to take up that much space! He wasn't like, holding a bunch of bags or maneuvering a wheelchair, he was just standing there in the way, lol.
  7. Rico Suave

    Rico Suave Chicken

    So let me get this straight. He's being rude by taking up the most space he possibly can, and then throws a fit about you being a rude bitch?

    HAHAHAH. Yeah, you're the bitch.:roll::bird: Fuck that guy.
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  8. amonavis

    amonavis Chicken

    The worst is that if it were a woman you bumped into, you know she'd be apologizing.

    The other day a guy full on body slammed me as I was exiting the metro car. It was so hard, I bounced to the side and hit my shoulder on the area the sliding doors go into and my shoulder was sore for a day. The guy acted like nothing happened. My first instinct was to say I'm sorry, but I forced myself not to since it was 100% his fault. Everyone knows you let people off before getting on.
  9. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    I have started scolding people on the tube when I'm in London, if they try to get on the tube before I've gotten off. I'm probably gonna get stabbed someday.
  10. Lh718

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  11. scotchbutter

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  12. Lucyinthesky

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  13. Lh718

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    I know this is everywhere on FB, but I can't help myself. Oh and men are trash.


    ETA: his Twitter acct was suspended apparently. You get one guess why.
  14. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    It looks like it might be a troll who stole the original Brad's photo.

  15. Lh718

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    Damn, poor real-Brad if it was a troll. I mean it could also be "my acownt wuz HAKED" again.
  16. Zoomzoom

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  17. Chevere

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  18. Lh718

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    OMG the scene with her daughter laughing :loveu::loveu::loveu:.


    That should be women's slogan everywhere. WE decide. WE FUCKING DECIDE. God damn this week in legislation.
  19. Lh718

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    Dirty daughter

    Dear delete

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  20. Zombie Llama

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    The whole thread is amazing.
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  21. Lh718

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  22. allmaple

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  23. amonavis

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    I wish I could emotionally torture everyone who uses the term post birth abortion.
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  24. Canaligator

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  25. allmaple

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    What in the Handmaid’s Hell is this bullshit:

    So if the pregnant woman can be charged with manslaughter because she “started” the fight that ended with someone SHOOTING HER IN THE ABDOMEN while the shooter walks away scot free, where does it end?? Get in a car accident while pregnant and had lost the pregnancy due to severe injuries? Manslaughter! Should have kept the fetus safe. Slipped on a staircase and fell? Manslaughter!!


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