Family: The Gift You Can’t Return

Discussion in 'The Hens' Nest' started by Scout, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Who’s got a shitty in law story? :lol: I thought I was in the breakfast thread.
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    My SIL eats English muffins and those veggie bacons that look smell and taste like beggin strips every morning for breakfast
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    Not a rant or complaint but defo feelings. My parents decided to take job offers from the company that bought my mom's previous company. My mom is a few years away from Medicare eligibility plus she has my cousin's health insurance to also cover.

    Great, so all's well I guess. Except the positions are with the head office in St. Louis, MO. I've shown them multiple market options including private and co-ops. I've offered to help my mom job hunt. Honestly, I think she's letting the fear/anxiety of looking get to her, which I fully understand. But the idea of them moving away from all their support base so soon after my dad's heart seems like too much.

    Having to cover my cousin's insurance themselves was news to me and frankly pisses me off. My uncle and aunt have enough money to pay for the most expensive private package for her but are okay with my parents having to figure it out, which is a big driver of the move.
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    You can lead a horse to water, @Lh718 . You were a good daughter in doing your piece, if they want to be stubborn that says more about them than your efforts. Even knowing that, it must be frustrating
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    As far as tangents go, this one was pretty mild and not #bearfacts level.
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    I have no problem with threadjacking. Y’all can let your conversations take as many weird convoluted turns as you want. Just don’t annoy V with it. :lol:
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    I just don’t know why we are suddenly discussing a joking comment I posted a week ago :shrug:
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    I kid. But I knew it was lighthearted based on the laughing emoji!
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    Because I’m behind and didn’t look at the date.
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    What is time but an artificial construct that has zero meaning anyway?
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    I FaceTimed my dad today for Father’s Day. I specifically waited until later in the day so I wouldn’t have to ignore them being at my grandfather’s house for lunch.

    They’re at the fucking pool. But it’s totes cool because now you have to make an appointment for a 2 hour time slot and it’s limited to 50 people at a time.

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    How big a pool is this?!?
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    Ours is not huge at all and they are doing 60. We dont even have half that number of houses but okay :roll:
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    I talked to my parents today. Apparently, after making this big decision to leave their home and support center for the new jobs, my cousin is refusing to leave. Like she refuses to even go home to the Philippines at this point. My uncle and aunt are very lax with boundaries and discipline, so basically even though she's 17, my cousin uses holding her breath as a tactic to get what she wants.

    The cherry on the shit sundae? My aunt is considering leaving her 3 younger kids for a year to be a warm body in the house for my cousin here. Neither of them drive. My uncle's business has taken a huge hit, so liquid funds are low. My mom can't put her under her insurance this way.

    I'm so shocked but not really at this crazy turn of events.
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    Ugh, I’m so sorry Lh, that’s so frustrating.

    It’s a decent sized pool, it’s a private club but not fancy. But apparently it’s $450 a year (per family).

    And anyways, still. My family wasn’t wearing masks.
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    My in laws are shocked that we aren't going on the family reunion trip this year. Uh, covid is still a thing, NC isn't doing a great job containing it, and the family isn't great at social distancing from each other. Plus, E is in daycare. We don't want to put anyone in their family at risk of exposure, especially as all of his aunts and uncles are in the 60+ age range and his grandfather is 92. Of course, she tried to convince us by telling us that BIL and SIL are going and their son is in daycare. We don't want this on our conscience.

    She then tried to get us to go up to Cape Cod with them in August. F that. I am not ready for a repeat of summer 2018. And it's also basically the same as the family reunion. I understand that she really wants to see E. I'm just not ready to put her on a plane yet. She's been staying with BIL and SIL outside of Boston to care for their newborn. Once she's back next weekend and after two weeks, we'll see about a visit. They live about three hours away. They are also really bad with going over to their best friends' house. I'm not entirely sure those friends believe that covid is real (just my assumption as they are big time Trump supporters), and my FIL is at a high risk category.
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    Called out a family member on Facebook for being racist. They accused me of being racist because I “saw what they did as racist and it wasn’t!” Of course you posting and unflattering picture of Mayor Lightfoot (Chicago’s black female mayor) and calling her “THIS” instead of her name isn’t racist. How could I misinterpret that? Who’s the racist now? Still you. (Basically she posted an article about people being shot in Chicago ranting that (insert token black person or group here) aren’t doing anything about it. Then posted a comment with the picture and said “THIS isn’t helping!”)
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    At this point, the ability to know better is at their disposal. If they choose to go with such a juvenile, stunted response, that’s on them; you tried.
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    Weekly zoom calls. That is all.
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    Fuuuuck my dad asked me about visiting, after telling me they’re flying to Vegas at the end of the month for his birthday. I told him seeing them after they’re on a plane is a no and then he said maybe they could drive down then fly to Vegas, and I said I’d have to think about it. He also said they could fly down another weekend. Also btw my mom doesn’t know he asked [subtext: so please don’t mention it to her]

    I would love to see my parents and for them to meet L but I don’t trust them and saying no suuuuucks.
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    40-day ban if they go to Vegas.
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    The decision to go to Vegas in late July is also a little baffling without a pandemic. My mom doesn’t even drink.
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    My whole thing is whyyyyyy do things like Vegas and WDW right now. There are no shows. Half the hotels and restaurants are closed. WTF is there to even do.