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  1. Honey

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    If so, please remember Snarky Chickens when you shop! If you click through this link to when making a purchase, Amazon will send a few pennies our way, which helps us keep the lights on here. It costs you nothing, but a few clicks could really add up here.

    Now that we're set up in our new forum, it's only going to cost us about $35 a month to maintain our hosting and software licensing. As we would prefer to keep the lights on here while also keeping the site clean and free of pop-ups or banner ads, we do ask that you shop through our Amazon link. If we get to the point where the funds raised through this Amazon link allow the site to support itself and then some, we may be able to do even more here, like move off of our shared server and onto a dedicated one. Doing that would allow us to install a more advanced search feature, and make browsing faster with fewer errors.

    The above link is an Amazon affiliate link. When you click it, it will look just like your normal Amazon home page, because that's really all it is! It's just that they know that we sent you there, so they pay us a very small percentage for the referral. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask questions on the Help board. If you have suggestions for the website, please let us know here.
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  2. Honey

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    Hey chickens, just a bump to remind you guys that you can help the Chicken stay afloat while you're stuck at home and ordering everything in! Link in the top post. :chicken:
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