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    She does not, exactly - but she knows there is a camera in there. And I really don't check often, but I look to see if he's napping when I leave work so I don't open the garage which makes Indy bark & wake him.
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    Well then I’d mention that first. Like “hey don’t know if I told you explicitly, I can see the camera from outside and I check once in a while just to get a look at him.”
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    Yeah I'd go with @whatchyagonnado and play it off like he almost fell while he was with you isn't that a crazy story, so it's in her head as a possibility.

    F almost fell off our couch because she managed to scoot herself down and out of her boppy when I stepped away to make her another bottle. I think everyone makes mistakes like that sometimes, I don't think it's anything to really bother confronting about unless it happens repeatedly.
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    I definitely think it was an innocent mistake so I will do what Whatchya suggested.
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    I would do what @whatchyagonnado said, especially because N has been guilty of this before and it’s always more like a misstep.
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