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Discussion in 'The Hens' Nest' started by CoolWife, Apr 19, 2016.

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    Yeah, I'm definitely mad about it...counting down our days there. Nanny can't start until the 16th, but I wanted to give our notice today and get him out of there asap. I was desperate enough that MIL is coming over the evening of the 11th, staying at our house through the weekend, and babysitting the 12th and 13th while we work. I will put up with her for 5 days for him to have 2 less days there.
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    MIL must be over the moon.
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    I feel like thats all you’d have to say in an online review to get the point across. “Voluntarily chose my MIL staying with us for an extended period to free my child of this place”
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    That is insane. Your poor baby.
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    Only one nap again. Sitting in my driveway with a sleeping baby again. 9 more days, 9 more days, 9 more days.

    All this driveway sitting gives me a lot of time to look things up on my phone. Like the phone number to call to report this place as soon as C is done there.
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    Do they have any FB reviews or Yelp reviews (be sure to check the ones hidden from the rating) of anyone who has had a similar experience?
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    I couldn't find any reviews for them on Yelp or Google. I'll look at FB later - I only remember seeing positive ones there the last time I looked (I recognized at least one reviewer as a partial owner though). They just opened last summer so they may not have had time to build up a large group of disgruntled parents yet.
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    Yelp is a scam anyway. Have you rechecked their DSS log lately?
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    @whatchyagonnado Yes - last inspection was a month and a half ago. All they got dinged for was four teachers missing the safe sleep training, one kid not having a current immunization record, and one kid not having a current physical. Everything was in compliance a week later (they only checked those three things via email).

    They had an inspection back in November as the result of a complaint. All they checked then was ratio, discipline, and background checks. From what the report says, one of the owners disciplined a child and told them they wouldn't be able to stay there if their behavior continued. Parent complained and the inspector found that the owner didn't have a background check on file. He does now have a background check on file. Nanny teacher added that he also hasn't done any of the required training so he's not supposed to be in the classrooms at all (front desk is allowed apparently). He is definitely not following that rule because I saw him in a classroom the other day. From what nanny teacher has told me so far, he sounds like a really toxic person to work for. He's there all the time too - the other owner is only there occasionally.

    When I voiced my concerns the other morning, I specifically mentioned them being out of ratio and the assistant director told me they have a 30 minute grace period to meet it. I haven't done the research yet to see if that's true, but I don't remember reading that the last time I looked up the regulations. If it is true, seems like it makes it really hard for them to get in trouble for that.
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    Different state but here at least I have seen them do counts and make sure a floater walks in before a teacher so much as goes to the restroom to stay in ratio.
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    Same. I've seen our teachers wait at the door for their floater to trade spots so they could have a bathroom break. 30 minutes sounds suspicious.

    I'm guessing ours checks numbers pretty often, one day S leaned into another class room as we were leaving and asked "How many you have?"
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    Also different state but the 30 minute grace sounds like BS. There could be an emergency in that 30 minutes and then what? That's why we cant even go to the bathroom without a stand in, and why you have to stay in ratio even during nap time. And when would that grace period start? When they open? When the kid who breaks ratio arrives? When there's two teachers but one leaves? Doesnt make sense to me.
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    Or if the teacher leaves that takes them out of compliance gets back and another one leaves does the 30 minutes restart?
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    @Comet not a thing here either and you know my state isn’t leading shit in regulations lol
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    Yeah, I figured it was bs but I didnt have what I needed to argue it in the moment.
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    Last day of daycare. :cool:

    I'm happy about it, but I'm also a little sad. There is one teacher left there that really does love him - she wrote him a sweet goodbye card and got him a super cute dinosaur book. But...she can't work all the hours and he can't stay in her class forever, so it is time for us to move on.
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    That’s super sweet of her. <3
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    That's really sweet. He's a lovable guy and there will be more teachers who care for him like that!
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    Awww, that’s really sweet. Hope you guys have a great experience with the nanny too!
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    Aww that’s so sweet. Onto better things though!
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    If you were creeping on your nanny on the baby monitor app, and you saw her leave your child on the changing pad on top of his dresser while she walked over to his closet to get him a new outfit, how would you handle that?

    Asking for a friend.
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    I would do nothing about that. Maybe a causal “OMJG C is being sooo crazy! He keeps almost jumping off the changing pad!” type deal if you want to drop a hint, but that strikes me more as just innocent misstep over true danger scenario. Thats just me though, I may be in the minority!
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    And depends if she knows you’re watching.