Daycare Drama

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  1. scotchbutter

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    @Comet I think options are good to think about! If you end up deciding to try it, maybe she would be interested in a temporary gig since you would make an excellent reference? And June seems like a natural transition point since maybe she could then get another client who needs more help outside of the traditional school year?
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  2. whatchyagonnado

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    @Comet that may actually work perfectly for her because June she can grab people who need summer care and then like scotch said you are her reference. Thats super exciting if it works out!
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  3. MagnificentCat

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    It’s nice to have an option particularly since the other class he might be in temporarily has that teacher. Does she know he’s starting the Montessori program? This could be a win-win.
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  4. Comet

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    She doesn't yet. I need to talk it over with M some more, but I might ask her if she's free to meet me for coffee tomorrow afternoon so we can talk through logistics and I would tell her then.
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  5. Comet

    Comet Instigator she is ok with the arrangement being temporary and with the hourly rate I offered her. She's coming over tomorrow night to figure out logistics before either of us give notice to the daycare. M and I both think this is a good thing, but we are also anxious AF about the what do we do if/when she gets sick? What if she finds another family to work for before C can start at the Montessori preschool? Like, I know people do this all the time and it works out great, but what if it doesn't?
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  6. fantasynerd

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    @Comet That’s so exciting!

    If I were you I’d write up a basic contract, there are lots of examples of nanny contracts online. Do you have an exact date for when C will start at the Montessori preschool?

    Chances are she’ll be fine sticking with you guys until C starts at the Montessori school, she may start interviewing but families are pretty understanding about I can’t start until Y date because I have a commitment to Current Family until X date, since that’s what everyone wants for when it’s time for their nanny to move on from them too.

    As far as sick days go, she probably won’t need more than 3 max, and if she’s sick and you don’t have other options, then you or C take a sick day.
  7. Comet

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    Well I think we're doing this nanny thing. Daycare did themselves no favors today to convince me not to take the risk. This morning I walked in to a woman I'd never seen before in a room with 6 babies in it. This is the new teacher who's hiring meant nanny teacher had to move to another class. The yeller popped in from next door to say she was "in there" too...apparently my reputation for actually caring whether they are in ratio (4:1) has gotten around there. According to C's daily sheet, his only poop diaper today was between 10-11am, but he had dried shit all over his back and the inside of his onesie when I picked him up at 5pm.
  8. MagnificentCat

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    Wow. Yeah with problems like that, I would be wanting to get kiddo out. I hope the nanny works out and everyone is happy.
  9. Kimmers

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    That’s so unacceptable, ugh. The nanny sounds like a great solution!
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  10. Zombie Llama

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    I would report them once C is out of there. That is horrible.
  11. Comet

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    I am absolutely planning to.
  12. CoolWife

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    Def don’t do it before you have a backup plan. :oops:
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  13. Zoomzoom

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    That's awful. I'm glad you're getting him out of there!
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  14. A. Ham

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    That's awful. I think the nanny is going to be a great idea regardless.
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  15. Apples&Oranges

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    Honestly, there has to be some really, really shady shit going down for his current teacher to privately, secretly, reach out to you (unless she herself is shady, but that doesn't seem as likely, given the other issues). Definitely report them as soon as you're out.
  16. Comet

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    This thought crossed my mind, but then I remember that I had problems with them before she even worked there (she's been there since November). I hope my gut feeling that she's good is not wrong.
  17. deet

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    This place sounds awful honestly. Do a background check on this girl though! I hope it works out!
  18. Fitz

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    That is unacceptable, @Comet . I'm glad you're getting C out of there.
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  19. Comet

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    Anyone have a recommendation for a background screening service? There is online that I don't know which service to use. My anxiety is through the roof rn so I know that isn't helping me focus on this task.
  20. hellohelloagain

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    @Comet its a federal requirement that childcare facilities do background checks before hire of personnel, so if she was hired as recently as November I'd think there isn't anything in her past that would put C at risk.

    Just on my own I've used if you still want to do your own check.
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  21. MagnificentCat

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    I think since there are other issues, I wouldn’t trust the current place.
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  22. Apples&Oranges

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    It's a requirement but that doesn't mean the facility did their due diligence. I would also request references (obviously not current place). Her short tenure before leaving is also concerning, likely because of the shadiness, but hopefully not on her end. Again, I don't think it is likely her, but better to cover all bases just incase. It'll be interesting to see if she shares more details with you once she leaves for good.
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  23. Comet

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    I gave our required two week notice at daycare today. They didn't feed him breakfast (gave him all the food I sent at lunch), he fell asleep on the floor again this morning, and they only put him down for one actual nap so he fell asleep 5 minutes into our drive home. I'll just be sitting in my car in my driveway for the foreseeable future so my poor child can get some sleep.
  24. MagnificentCat

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    I hate them. I’m so happy C is going to be with someone who is a teammate in his care.
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  25. deet

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    I would be in a blind fucking rage. Glad that it’s coming to an end! He’ll be sleeping so much better in no time!