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    We definitely have that same thing - it's pretty easy to find, but I can email you the link if you have any trouble Moose.
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    if you don’t mind
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    DM sent!
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    Well the one I had squicky vibes about had really bad reports so I’m glad I have some sort of intuition there
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    E gave both her teachers hugs today! She had never done that before. I was also pretty sure they thought she was weird but she was in a lot of the pictures from the day this time so maybe they’re having more fun!
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    A chased one of the teachers down the hall this morning during drop off because she wanted an exploding fist bump from her. I didn't even know that my 2 year old knew what a fist bump was!
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    There's a big sign on S's classroom door that says "Peanut Free Classroom." I came in this morning and a little girl was eating a PBJ uncrustable at the table, this is after Reese's came home in S's Halloween bag. I spoke with the teacher and then P called the director. Confrontation is hard for me, even when it's advocating for my kid. There's another kiddo in there that has a peanut allergy too, so it's not just us.

    In cuter news S is now married to T and J (his two little buddies) because "I love them so much. They are my best friends." So at least that's precious.
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    That’s precious.

    Also frustrating. C’s Daycare is totally nut free, and they are pretty good at enforcing it. I brought some Japanese treats and they made me translate it and promise no peanuts. They sent a reminder for trunk or treat that it should be but free but C still came home with Snickers. :roll:
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    OMJG :loveu:
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    @Tumnus that's insane. I can’t imagine the shame I would feel if I sent peanut butter into a nut-free classroom. I hope the parent felt bad, it was an honest mistake, and they don’t do it again.
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    @Tumnus dont feel bad. Peanut free means none whatsoever and they need to be diligent.
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    Let's talk daycare teacher Christmas gifts. I hadn't even considered this until I got the three page note ("IF you want to do something for your child's teachers for Christmas, here's some info about all of them" with a half page bio on each teacher) out of C's mailbox this morning. I would like to do something for his main teacher because she's been with him since he started there and is really sweet. The other two that are in his classroom just started yesterday and a couple of weeks ago. I feel like I should do something for them (but less) mostly so they don't resent me/my kid, because who knows how long they'll last at the rate people quit that place. They also included bios on the director and assistant director and I'm side eyeing that a bit. I was thinking a Christmas card for each with an Amazon or Publix gift card. What do y'all think are reasonable amounts?
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    Amazon or starbucks is my go-to. Maybe $25 for amazon and $10-$15 for starbucks
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    I do Target cause you can get anything there, and I’ve done a $20 bill in the past. Usually $20-25 for main teacher(s) and $10-15 for bit players.
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    I also did Target, Amazon, or Starbucks last year. Like everyone else, $25 for main teachers and $15 for assistants. E has three teachers consistently in her class this year, so we'll likely do maybe $20-25 for each.

    I would also side eye the director and asst director bios.
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    We do Dunkin gift cards for our provider and her assistant, since I've seen them both with the tell-tale Dunkin cups.
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    I do $20 Target GCs for the five teachers I see a lot of (this includes an afternoon helper in high school who braids her hair every single day), and some nice chocolate/candy assortment for them to share.

    School teacher got a Caribou Coffee GC for $20 or $25 and one of those Wonderland gourmet popcorn canisters.

    Gifting traditions are disgusting, but I appreciate these people.
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    Full disclosure: I missed Christmas for the Montessori teachers and did their gifts for Valentine's Day instead because ... I can't do it all.
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    No shame.
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    My parents have a long history of not having it quite together for the holidays (understandable). January 6 gifts 'from the Befana' became a family tradition.
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    Yesterday I totally spaced on bringing C’s stuff for nap to school. I looked at the camera during rest time and saw him with some janky pink blanket over half his cot and something else rolled up like a pillow. :shrug:
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    As someone who works with kids, all of those gift options are wonderful because we are always so surprised that a family will give us anything at all.
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    I missed Christmas gifts last year. I took E in and saw other parents bringing cards and stuff. The thought had never even occurred to me and I felt very guilty.
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    I don’t remember there ever being a gift for any of my teachers growing up. It seems like something to do if you’re close to them/if giving gifts is your thing, but not something they should be pressuring parents to do (which sending a note feels like pressuring).
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    @MagnificentCat Yea I think its super weird that its become “standard” for certain positions to receive gifts. Gifts shouldn’t be an obligation. Not to say its not nice, I just don’t think it should be sent home in a letter which is setting an expectation whether they wanna pretend it doesn’t or not.
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