Coronadiaries, June 2020

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  1. MagnificentCat

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    I’m actually kind of annoyed because I got sent somewhere I was like “I don’t even need to be here” and now they’re like “oops”. Thank goodness for diligent record keeping, I guess.

    I’m very happy because I’ve been taking my friend on maternity leave dinner every 3-4 weeks and this happened then morning after I last saw her. Like I’m masked and we stay outside, but I’m just very glad this happened after.
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    Outbreak in A’s office. His boss finally agreed just two days ago to allow him to switch to remote indefinitely (eta- as opposed to picking a return date for in person work). Now he finds out the person who sits with him tested positive so thank fuck hes at home. Unfortunately that person was just at a client so his whole team AND that clients office have to all get tested.
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  5. whatchyagonnado

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    Oh yea to he clear, hes been home the whole time. Previously theyd been pushing for him to pick a return date and he kept just saying “when there isn’t a pandemic”. His boss was exposed (via his son via HIS work) last week and finally was like “ya know A, you can just write up the agreement to be WFH indefinitely”. So A thankfully hasnt been exposed because we never leave the house.

    I also have one of his coworkers on fb and she goes out CONSTANTLY, never with a mask and always with groups. I was compiling it as evidence before they agreed lol
  6. HBC

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    I hate cloth masks they are so gross and make me feel disgusting like wet shorts
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  7. moose

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    as if bars are the only issue at this point.
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  8. nym711

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    I was finally able to get some more elastic to replace the ones on all of my masks. I cut 6 inches per instructions, but my head is a big and they never fit.

    I also made a bunch of masks for E. Hopefully they fit. They're only if she needs to go to the doctor.
  9. Imabug1002

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    The zoo is reopening to members only with reservations for timed entry and their ticket system is crashing under the demand. I tried thinking I might go next weekend but I keep either getting an error or a popup that says "it can't find seats together." Um, there are no seats and I only want 1 ticket. :lol:
  10. Honey

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    And the NBA keeps plowing forward with their asinine restart plan like it’s really going to happen.
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  11. A. Ham

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    True but when my Lilly mask gets here I am anticipating liking that a lot better :lol:
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  12. HBC

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    No the wet shorts are still giving you a yeast infection
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    We’ve already covered the first one...
  14. Honey

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    One hole. What the fuck?
  15. HBC

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    One hole, two ends
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    Maybe the lack of debate is what makes that topic so friendly
  17. fantasynerd

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    Say you drill a hole in something thick, then remove almost everything around it, so it becomes like a straw. Still A, AKA 1, hole.
  18. Zoomzoom

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    1 hole. Cake.
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  19. moose

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    Cake or pie shouldn’t even be a debate amongst people who know what’s good for them.
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  20. Lh718

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    Are the openings of jars, cups, etc considered holes?
  21. HBC

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  22. CoolWife

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    A jar is a solid surface. No holes!
  23. Afishwish

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    Omfg it’s outdoors so far, but there are probably 50 people at this wedding. <10 masks.
  24. Apples&Oranges

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    YESSSS. Ugh. I love the designs for the cloth masks. They're so cute and cheerful. And plus more environmentally friendly, etc. But OMJG in this summer heat I just caaaant. Today I wore a disposable for the first time since D's hospital stay since my cloth masks were dirty and I'm not sure if I'll be able to go back since they're easier to find for purchase now. Eshatki has some cute masks too, but I can't :sad:

    Took the kids out for a walk today. Avoided the main roads since they're surrounding streets are generally fairly emty (for an urban environment), but then we got caught by a funeral :bored: It was a big To Do since it was a retired police officer so basically both sides of the sidewalk were taken and it would have felt super rude to cut through officers ready to salute the casket that was about to leave the church. And then a bunch of people came out of the church onto the sidewalk to watch the casket get loaded up, and so many of them were elderly with no masks, definitely not standing 6ft apart. Much hugging. Obviously I can't call the police to enforce the rules because they're already there... And yet they crack down on the Jewish folks mourning their Rabbi. Such total BS. And ugh, we were around so many people, not by choice :sad:
  25. moose

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    Every time I see a person with a mask over their mouth but not their nose a fairy loses their wings.
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