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    I’m gonna stick with May 4th since I wasn’t verbally told otherwise. I was looking at this little circle thing that said May 5th, but it didn’t have a February 29th.

    Appointment went so well! Good heartbeat, two little legs, two little arms, and part of a face :loveu:
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    I figured I should update the thread with my birth story.

    on 10/2 our baby was born! We went in to the hospital around 10am for a 10:30 pre-op appointment. We wound up sitting in the waiting room for another 2 hours because the unit was incredibly busy and they were running behind. We were taken back at 12:30, our original c-section time, and got everything started.

    We got back into the pre-op room and everything started going really quickly. They checked her position again, shaved me, started antibiotics, drew labs, and started having me sign forms. Some of them were a little scary, like what I wanted to happen in the event that the c-section didn’t go well, but it was fine otherwise. Anesthesia came to explain the procedure and N changed into his gown. We were good to go.

    When they placed the spinal N wasn’t allowed in the OR, which was difficult for my anxiety. They had a student nurse anesthetist try to place the spinal and it didn’t go well. She couldn’t find it and it took over 10 minutes of repeated poking before the anesthesiologist came and did it himself. That was probably the worst part of it. I started getting really overwhelmed because the OR was so loud and it was a lot to take in. The nurse put on some Pandora and asked everyone to tone down the excitement in the room so I could try to relax. N came in and they got started.

    E was born at 1:28pm at 5lbs 12oz, which was bigger than they estimated in the beginning. She took a few minutes (or what felt like minutes) to cry, but I cried when I heard her. They cleaned her off, respiratory assessed her, and they brought her over. N held her near me while they started stitching up and she started sucking on my cheek. It was adorable and all of the nurses just kept commenting on how cute she was and how sweet that she wanted to nurse from my face.

    They immediately brought lactation into our recovery room and they put her on a feeding plan because of her low birth weight. Feed her on the breast every 2 hours, immediately supplement with the bottle, and then pump for 20 mins to protect my supply. Recovery from the section was painful but nothing out of what I had expected. She was so sleepy all the time and never woke to feed, we always woke her up. I told the nurses and lactation that I felt like she wasn’t doing well and I cried daily about her intake. They assured me that it was typical for a baby of her gestational age and she would get it.

    We were discharged on Saturday afternoon and were so excited to go home. Her breastfeeding was improving and she went from sucking ~5 mins each feed to 20 mins. I finally felt like I was feeding my baby well. On Sunday night during one of her bottle feeds, we noticed that her lips turned blue. I called the ped and they said to watch her, and if it happened again to go immediately to the OR. We wound up in L&D triage for a BP check for me and while we were there she was hungry. I fed her and we both saw her lips turn blue again.

    We walked over to the children’s hospital with her in my arms. They admitted her and we started the worst week of my entire life. Initially they planned on only monitoring since her events were brief and resolved, but she had another episode while we were in the hospital. The pediatric team ordered a neuro and cardiac workup and I sobbed like a baby hearing them tell me that they needed to make sure her heart and brain were functioning appropriately. However, they assured me that they felt it was all probably reflux related. They also became incredibly concerned about her weight, as she had lost 9% of her body weight from Wednesday to Monday. They told me to start bottlefeeding exclusively every 2 hours until she gained. I asked for ST to come assess her feeding and they agreed.

    ST came and they were concerned about her lethargic presentation and stress cues during feeding. She had an ECHO, EKG, CT that night and another episode on her way down to CT. I cried more because the nurse had to come down to CT with an ambubag in case they needed to call a code on her. We waited for the results until 3am when the MD came to talk to us. I already knew something was wrong. They found a congenital heart defect (2, really) and a density in her brain that was concerning for an AVM. I lost it while they explained that she would need anesthesia as soon as possible for an MRA/MRV to determine if it was an AVM and if neurosurgery would be coming to help plan for care.

    Overnight her presentation got worse because she wouldn’t eat. Her blood sugar dropped to the point where NICU/a temporary feeding tube was being discussed. Her jaundice was getting worse and she just looked so sick. They started feeding her sugar water in the hopes that it would perk her up.

    Watching her go under anesthesia was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Strapped to a board, screaming, and then abruptly stopping while she went under. Even N cried at that point, and he had been strong until then. The results came back quickly and no AVM. Cardiology came to consult and explained that her heart defect was causing the cyanotic episodes and they should resolve, but we need to be followed by the team. We were discharged yesterday with recommendations to follow up with cardio, continue bottle feeding every 2 hours, and to see if dental thinks a tongue clip will help. They think she was working so hard at the breast that she was exhausting herself and dipping into her fat stores, of which she has basically none since she is so small. She has been waking for feeds now and has gained weight back according to her peds appointment this morning.

    I think that’s mostly all. It’s hard to remember at this point.
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    Thank you for sharing, @moose . That is all so hard and I’m glad baby girl has you and N to love and advocate for her. You are incredibly strong!
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    Oh moose that is so so much. Hugs. I'm glad E is doing better now.
  5. fantasynerd

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    @moose I’m happy the C-section and birth itself was smooth, but everything else sounds so scary!!! I’m so happy she’s home now and it seems like she has a great team, including an amazing mom & dad <3<3<3
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    @moose thats so much to deal with anytime but especially with your brand new baby. I hope as she starts gaining and growing some of this pain can begin to heal and you can get to enjoy motherhood the way you deserve.
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  8. hallokween

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    That all sounds so overwhelming. I’m sorry moose. I hope her gaining gets on track so you can enjoy your beautiful baby
  9. Kimmers

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    That’s so much to deal with, I’m so sorry. Please take care of yourself. I’m promise you’re doing a great job. <3
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    Oh, having a teeny babe in the hospital is just SO HARD, I'm so sorry. Glad she's home, but I know that doesn't alleviate your anxiety at all. I remember freaking out when they took C off the monitors, like what if he isn't ok and you just won't know?! (Spoiler they are good doctors and he was fine.)
    Take in all of those sleepy baby cuddles - skin to skin helps your supply and mood too. Waking them up is the worst, we've been there, hopefully it will be short lived and you can all start getting some restorative rest.
  11. moose

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    @CoolWife how long did it take for C to start waking for his feeds? She does get fussy now for eating but we still wake her consistently
  12. Fitz

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    @moose that is so very scary. I'm so glad she is home with you now and you are getting to know one another. You're doing great! <3
  13. moose

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    Thanks guys. The good thing is that she’s really going to be okay and any doubt I had about loving my baby enough is gone because it really feels like she is my whole heart and after everything I couldn’t love her more.
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    Oh sweet nugget, I hope she keeps gaining weight and things keep improving! You are doing great! Give her lots of extra snuggles from us all.
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    So many hugs, @moose. That’s a lot of fear and emotion to process. Sweet E’s a lucky girl to have such strong parents.
  16. deet

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    It's already so scary worrying about your child, let alone when you hear very terrifying words and possible are incredibly strong. I am super glad she's going to be okay!

    I second the skin-to-skin rec. I would take my shirt off & wrap a blanket around my shoulders and wrap in my baby. Best feeling in the world.
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    It took a while, but he was only 30w, discharged at 35w. It was a few weeks after he was home at least. Doc was ok with us letting him sleep like 5 hours (at night) when he was up to 8lb, maybe? After that long he would wake up hungry on his own, then slowly stretched it out longer and longer.
  18. whatchyagonnado

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    @moose it took J about 2.5 weeks before he both woke up on his own and stayed awake for a full feed. It coincided with him regaining his birth weight. I truly find that to be THE most exhausting stage and felt like a legitimate torturer trying to keep him up. Long nights awake cluster feeding are easier (for me).
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    That’s so terrifying. Even when everything goes according to plan, it’s terrifying. I can’t even imagine the fear.

    Enjoy that skin to skin while you can. It seems too fast that they get so old they no longer want to sleep on your chest.
  20. Dorothygale

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    I’m sorry @moose, that’s so much to process. Glad to hear she’s doing well overall, hope things ease up soon so you can all relax a little.
  21. hellohelloagain

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    I'm glad your surgery went well @moose but so sorry you got such a fright afterward! Glad to hear she seems to be gaining now. Hopefully it's only gains from here!
  22. nym711

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    Oh my, @moose, that's soooo much! I'm glad things are getting better, and I hope she starts gaining now.
  23. Lh718

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    All the hugs to you and your sweet family @moose . Hoping for all the gains from here on.
  24. Comet

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    Wow Moose, that is so much to deal with. Hugs to you and your little family. <3
  25. ClamJam

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    Hugs, @moose <3. You are a great mom and I hope baby chonks out soon.

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