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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by CoolWife, Mar 12, 2014.

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    I have had walk-ins today and yesterday. Two walk-ins in two days. I don't think I've had two walk-ins in the entire 14 years I've worked here. There is a pandemic. People walking in. During a pandemic. What the fuck is happening?
  3. MagnificentCat

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    What is the best way to tell a coworker to stop sharing bath time photos of their toddlers on Teams?
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  4. megatron

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    Is it intentional or an accident?
  5. HBC

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    Maybe you could say something like, “hey Dana, did you know that the personal photos of your baby are going to the entire group? Was that intentional?”

    disclaimer: I know nothing about teams
  6. MagnificentCat

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    It was totally intentional. He was like “I just love her so much and have to show you this”. It wasn’t to the group. Just me.
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    Oh idk then. I once had an employee show me the pictures of his new grandchild. Including photos of the actual delivery.
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    "Just FYI [company] can/might consider anything shared via Teams to be work product and therefore theirs."
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    I might try this. He’s awkward but we’re friends. I don’t want to offend him but also be like “uh, no dude”.
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    My job has quarterly team building activities. Since I’m redeployed I saw videos of it on IG and it is the complete opposite of social distancing.
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    Ew, gross.
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  12. Fitz

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    Team-building during a pandemic? Read the room.
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    More like let’s keep the team alive amirite
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    Well you can’t trust fall from 6 feet away so what did you expect?
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    I'm listening to P's meeting, and this one woman is killing me.

    Lead: ...and so that's the summary of where we are with Project. Final decisions should be made by DateA with monies disbursed by approximately DateB. Okay questions?

    Woman: yes several. Where are we with Project? We haven't heard for weeks now! It would be helpful if you had a firm decision date. Also, when can we expect monies to be disbursed? A rough timeframe would be better than no idea!
  17. Canaligator

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    You guys, this get together was yesterday; I thought it was going to be like “grab a beer from the fridge and let’s go on the deck and cheers” but, no. There were table cloths and flowers and every single person came into the office and we had pizza and cake and champagne! The managing partner had gotten quotes from everyone about how much they loved working with me and how great I am for our community and did this whole speech... I was in tears. It was so lovely. I was sitting next to my ride or die (who got childcare for her son so she could come!) and I was like “am I making a mistake??” (She was like, definitely not :lol:). They gave me a nice card and gift cards to our two fave restaurants (they actually called W to find out what would be the best ones).

    Anyway it was so great and I told W that if I die unexpectedly he should hit up the managing partner for help with the eulogy because it’s mostly written already.
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    That’s so great. It says a lot about you. :kiss:
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    <3 That is so sweet, thank you.
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    That is so, so nice. What a great turnaround!
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    Aww, that's so sweet. I'm glad everyone isn't sour grapes about you going :).
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    Wow that is SO lovely!
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    Awww @Canaligator you obviously do great work wherever you go. It's so nice that your firm gave you a proper send off. You deserve it
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    That sounds like a sweet going away party!

    I had a 5 day weekend and now my computer has been signing me in for half an hour. This is fine.
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    Maybe this is more for the emotional threads idk. Today is our last class day, and it's insane that it's been a year. Our "graduation" is next month and has to be very different and isolated compared to previous classes. It's lame, but I was super looking forward to this.

    On the actual job side, as of sometime last night, the hospital has 2 beds left for covid pts. Idk if that counts the 3 OB beds in neg pressure rooms, but we use those up anyway. The bigger, lead hospital system for the city is a legit shit show with more beds than us but less staff due to mandatory quarantines. The city literally just took down the temporary hospital for covid like a week ago and are back on the fairgrounds putting it back.

    Freaking the fuck out on the daily.