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  1. Fitz

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    Lol hopefully he doesn't list you as a reference. Then you'd never get rid of him.
  2. Zombie Llama

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    I think he knows better after his review.

    That being said..."MWG is really eager to take the next step in his career, but unfortunately we really just need someone to run numbers. I wish we could be the right place for him, but I understand he needs to do what is best for his career."
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    I'm about 95% of the way done with a presentation for next week and was just told I need to use the "new" powerpoint template. Which is apparently different than the "new" template I was told to use a few weeks ago! Just what I want to do, reformat an entire presentation!
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    Supposed to be starting back at work next week but my schedule still is not correct. Told my boss I couldn't open on weekdays because of childcare. My sister will be watching F, works nights, and if I have to open that would require me to drop F off way too early for my sister. Figured that would be fine since I was rarely opening on weekdays before I took my leave anyway, and my boss said that was no problem.

    Am scheduled to open next Friday. Sent a message to my boss about it and am waiting on a response. Going back to work has been such a mess already I'm really frustrated.
  5. scotchbutter

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    I’ve been trying to not get ahead of myself with this pregnancy, but I need to start preparing for maternity leave options and would like some insight on what you think my options could be and what people who have taken less traditional mat leaves have done.

    Intro thoughts:
    1) Need to figure out a legal alternative plan to not taking 12 consecutive weeks but still getting as much as possible
    2) Need to figure out how payroll works for this. I’m salaried, so I guess I need to figure out what my hourly pay is then make sure I’m only getting paid for whatever I actually work. Seems deceptively hard though since I’m not working at the office for 8 hours a day anymore so my salary divided by 8 hours isn’t really my hourly pay. But it kind of is? Also salaried means if I work a half day I get paid for the whole day so I wouldn’t have to use PTO hours for a partial day. Clearly I need to sort this out.
    3) Since it’s not real FMLA do I still fill out paperwork for it? Like if an employer signs paperwork granting me FMLA leave (is that even how it works?) do they then have to abide by it even if they were excluded from legally having to abide by it in the first place? And if yes, am I allowed to work while I’m on FMLA? Department of labor website talks about how an employer may grant employees to take FMLA leave intermittently so I’m guessing I can do a day off unpaid then a day working etc if I wanted with that time being “protected”?
    3) There is no one to ask by the way, it’s literally just the owner and myself. There is no real precedent—previously only one pregnancy before I worked here and it appears they paid 2 weeks, used PTO hours, then let her go negative on some PTO hours to get more time but I believe took less than 12 weeks total.
    4) Maternity leave discussion is definitely going to be some sort of deal/negotiation drawn out just between boss and myself. Basically I’m waiting to bring it up until I’m further along and know what I’m asking for (and then also what I’m willing to settle for). In a perfect world I would take the full 12 weeks away. That’s what I did with E and though it was still too little time at least I felt physically ready and by that point I felt comfortable she would take her pumped bottles and still breastfeed etc. But, I have a better job title now than I did then and I have a lot of duties that I only do that the business relies on. My boss is overall very understanding with letting me have a flexible work schedule and he’s very family-friendly, but he’s still a business owner who needs to make sure money is in the bank and main things get done on time. Basically, I want to make it clear that in a perfect world I would like to take my 12 weeks leave, paid/unpaid as needed, but I know that’s not necessarily the best option for the business. So XYZ is what I’m willing to offer. Then hopefully he agrees.

    -My employer is technically too small for FMLA to apply, though I was told verbally by my boss he would still honor it.
    -Under Maternity Leave our employee handbook says: “[Employer] will provide 2 weeks of paid maternity leave for full-time employees for the 12 weeks allowed by FMLA. While the position will be kept available for a full time employee’s return, there will be no pay after the 2 weeks maternity leave pay and employee’s PTO hours are depleted. The employee must return at the end of 12 weeks or may be terminated.”
    -Under Leaves of Absence Without Pay our employee handbook also says: “An employee who becomes temporarily medically disabled as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, may take an unpaid leave of absence for a reasonable period of time not to exceed 12 weeks (regular maternity leave is not included in this). Any unused PTO time may be utilized during this period.” Anyone want to try and break this down? Is this just saying you could potentially get more time off if you medically needed it prior or after birth?
    -Single bank of vacation and sick time PTO hours
    -State is Texas

    1) Maybe I offer a certain period of time truly out except a few critical things I can do from home like payroll/401K. Maybe 4 or 6 weeks. I think 8 weeks might be stretching it too far. Then I offer to do a few additional things after that like pay bills/enter charges/make bank deposits maybe some from home and some limited time in office or something? Pretty much makes me want to die thinking about it but I truly don’t think I can take a full leave so I’m trying to think what I would be willing to do.
    2) Maybe I push for us to make another hire sooner than we were thinking. We need another employee anyway but haven’t been able to afford it yet. The hire we would really need would not be able to do any of my work but maybe we could pivot and make the first hire someone to split time helping me and the front desk staff. My time away from work costs the clinic revenue though, so it can be tough to argue let’s spend money on another hire while at the same time making less money.

    Basically I just need to kick ass before I have this baby and maybe we’ll be in such a great place it’s okay everything gets put on hold for a while? (Also please don’t tell me I’ll regret not taking more time with baby, I already know that but I’m trying to do the best I can.)
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  6. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    I have been in your shoes Scotch. Somewhere around here is my post about my own maternity leave, but here's what I proposed to my boss and then what I actually did as I can best remember:

    -First 2 weeks - completely off (except as I recall, I did do payroll still during this period)
    -Next 6 weeks (I may have ended up stretching this another week or two)- work from home up to a maximum of 15 hours a week. From about week 4 or so, I ended up going into the office once a week for anywhere between an hour and 4 depending on how cooperative C was. I'd print bill payment checks and do whatever else I felt couldn't wait/be done by someone else. I probably averaged 8-12 hours a week during this time. I tried to dedicate an hour a day to at least checking emails and responding to people.
    -Next 4 weeks - in the office 20 hours per week. I think I actually did three 5 hour days in the office and one five hour day from home. It was not actually possible to do very much work on that WFH day. I mostly read and responded to emails and other kind of mindless stuff (read: stuff that could've just not gotten done tbh). I think I was working more like 17-18 hours per week during this period.
    -Next 4 weeks - 30 hours per week in the office (five 6 hour days). I was supposed to go back to regular full time (8-5) after this, but I went to my boss and extended this schedule until the end of October (so a little past 6 months pp).

    For all of this time, we converted my salary to hourly (just annual salary divided by 2080 annual work hours...40 hours per week x 52 weeks) and I got paid for hours worked. I used my PTO bit by bit so I still got about 50% of my pay for the first 8 weeks. I also still got all of my paid holidays.

    Around September/October, we did my annual review and I requested a change to my work schedule in lieu of a raise so starting 11/1, my permanent schedule became 9-9:30 to 4-4:30 and I went back to my full normal salary.

    Having done this, I can say it was both good and bad. I wish I had not worked so much and had more time off with C. It was a lot to haul him into the office with me as a tiny newborn and leave him with someone else around 2 months old. But I didn't really feel like I had a choice because my employer wasnt subject to FMLA then and no one else can do some of the stuff that I do that had to keep getting done. And at the same time, I feel like I was extremely lucky to be able to have (and continue to have) such a flexible agreement. We didn't do any "official" paperwork - we talked about it and then I sent a CYA "per our discussion" email.
  7. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    Thanks @Comet . I was actually thinking of you as someone who had a similar type experience. I feel very lucky I’m even able to ask for these things and have as flexible a schedule as I have now. Like, it could be much, much worse. But at the same time, he could say no and legally I have nothing. I just remember being so incredibly stressed out with just newborn life and recovery that I’m trying to get myself in a headspace where I can handle the situation.

    My one year with this employer is March 25 and we are launching a whole new project beginning of March. Assuming that is going great, I’m planning to ask for a year review. I am not sure I am eligible for a raise at this point (in the past he has alluded that he would like to pay me more but nothing for sure) but maybe I can use that to help further my cause here.

    I do like the idea of having even more flexibility past 3 months. Maybe the idea of working sooner but delaying full-time return would be a good compromise. I currently work from home Fridays, I would love for that day to actually be off.
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  8. whatchyagonnado

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    @scotchbutter I would totally try and negotiate extra flexibility past 3 months if you are coming back early. Is MIL gonna be baby care in the beginning. Because if yes it'd be AMAZING to have a day where you could drop baby at MIL for a little and spend some 1 on 1 with E. I think a lot of us worry/worried about big kid feeling lost in the shuffle so that may help assuage that some.
  9. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    @whatchyagonnado Yes, MIL wants to take care of baby2 which is awesome. They do go out of town every weekend so there is a bit of baby shuffle bookending the week (they take her starting at 11:30ish Mondays and from 9-noon on Fridays). J makes it work but when his work is super busy it can be difficult. During the school calendar she does preschool daycare 2 days a week and I want her to continue that which should start up again shortly after baby2 is born. So if I could get Fridays off that could be a good time for me to have Friday mornings with E and MIL could watch baby2 until noon where we would then have both again.
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  10. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    The more I think about it...Fridays off might not work bc then my hours during the other days may become suspect. J thinks since my work from home day is really flexible (I don’t get called that much) maybe we leave that be. Like somedays I’m slammed all day catching up but other days I can just casually do whatever. I just want to be ready if Boss initiates the conversation. His wife is an OBGYN and is some superwoman who went back to work after a week or two and they have 4 kids so I just don’t want to give him the impression that’s what I’m capable of.

    By the way thanks for listening everyone. I have been in my own head a lot today and it did help to get some perspectives!
  11. MagnificentCat

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    I’m meeting with our top boss tomorrow and I’m freaking out. This is dumb. I’ve already met with the #2 and it was fine. But there’s personal preferences in how I present budget requests and I do not know his. Office BFF has never presented for him either and doesn’t know either.
  12. Zombie Llama

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    MWG had a last minute dentist appointment this morning after calling in sick Friday.

    God I hope he is interviewing.
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  13. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    As wonderful as it is to get his mediocre at best updates, for your sake I also hope he is interviewing.
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  14. yesmaster

    yesmaster North of the Boarder

    My cubicle neighbour was talking this morning about bringing in his Ninja so he can make smoothies at his desk. Someone pointed out that they are crazy loud. He said it isn't that bad and besides, yesmaster has a kuerig so it isn't really all that different.

    Um.... a blender's noise is not the same
  15. CoolWife

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    Hahahha that’s a hell of a coffee maker if so.
  16. fantasynerd

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    One of my students has been out a bunch lately due to medical issues, and last night her dad sent an email that it could be a while, like through the end of the school year. And today is her birthday too. She’s aging out of my class after this school year anyways but now it looks like I’m going to have a lot less time with her than I thought (and she’s been my student for 2 years). I have the sads.
  17. Apples&Oranges

    Apples&Oranges Chicken

    Sorry FN :sad: that's hard. And it sounds like you dont really even get a proper goodbye.

    This morning was insane. I have a headache. And someone is making something that smells bad (my classroom is directly across from the kitchen). Luckily I don't have many kids in, and they're being pretty good. But our upcoming break cant come fast enough. Yesterday was a day too.
  18. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    We have an employee with a severe nut allergy and people have been eating nuts lately by our coffee station. Yesterday I sent an email asking* that everyone refrain from eating nuts or products containing nuts in any of our common areas except the two break rooms (this employee eats at her desk to avoid exposure there). I also asked that they wash their hands after eating these items (which, come on...we should all be washing our hands anyway because hygiene) and clearly label any food they bring to share if it contains nuts. People are all in a tizzy about this and talking all sorts of shit. The person with the allergy cried to me about it because this is her life we are talking about and people are butthurt that they can't eat their snacks wherever their little hearts desire. I hate people. I also hate that I have to do all the HR here.

    *I politely made it very clear that compliance was not optional
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  19. Tumnus

    Tumnus Chicken

    Liking for you making it clear and supporting the employee, not for people being butthurt. People are so freaking rude about allergies. It's not like she chose this.

    I added an example image in an information email of "if you chose this delivery method, this is what your email will look like". I've had 3 people call telling me they couldn't click the link. BECAUSE IT'S AN IMAGE, NOT A LINK.

    ETA: I just booked a hair appointment because I have to get out of here today.
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  20. Comet

    Comet Chicken

    Fuckkkkk, smelly guy smells again. Reason #373635 I hate handling HR. I don't know how you HR chickens do it.
  21. Zombie Llama

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    This time I would send him an email telling him to go shower.
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  22. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    There is no parking at my job anymore and I don’t work in a part of town where a 10 minute walk to my car in the dark sounds appealing.
  23. fantasynerd

    fantasynerd Extra Extra

    Ugh, sorry about all the work bullshit, chickens.

    I’m pretty happy today because at least for today, my student with the health issues was able to come to school. We’re going to give her the birthday card we all signed for her and celebrate her birthday a little.
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  24. scotchbutter

    scotchbutter Chicken

    Omg @Comet people are so fucking rude. You’re even letting them have them in the lunch/break room! Like why is having immediate nuts so important that it can’t wait until lunchtime or any other part of their non-work day? People are so stupid. That poor lady!

    Also wow smelly guy. There is no way he doesn’t know right? You already talked to him about it! He was golfing again in the morning I guess. So awkward.

    @moose That is not okay! What the heck are they expecting people to do? Did you used to have parking and they reallocated those spaces or something?
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  25. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    N, hearing about Smelly Golf Guy: Yeah NO WAY that’s just from golfing before work. Gold is just the cover story.

    I don’t envy you HR chickens having these conversations!
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