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    44D5FAB4-7907-45BA-BDFB-EFF410736950.jpeg C6EA2C4D-4C24-4A67-A21E-521307191F24.jpeg 9F2EE160-A88E-4DB9-96C1-958FDDB39CCA.jpeg Okay I emojied some pics so I can share. For pages where you want multiple images use picstitch so it counts as one photo to pinhole (can only have 1 photo per page). Ill try and add one like that.
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  2. whatchyagonnado

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    So basically I just made a collage via the picstitch app and saved that to my photos on my phone so that it was now 1 image.
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    It’s going to kill me to spend this day actually working and not getting started designing some books!
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    That is SO adorable!
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    I love those! I kind of want to make one for C, but I know myself too well to actually do it. I'd start off putting in a ton of effort and making cute pages, but I'd eventually get to "Z is for zero (the # of fucks Mommy has for this project now)". It's basically where every craft project I ever start ends up.
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    @Comet im determined, but I also spent FIVE HOURS today making a file of pics and slowly realizing the vast majority of them are pretty similar and therefore most don’t really work for the kind of book I want to do!
  9. Zombie Llama

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    I think someone is doing a photo shoot this weekend.
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    My BIL is REALLY opinionated about everything and pretty obsessive with geography. Since Fry’s into it too and BIL didn’t know what to get him for his upcoming birthday, we suggested a globe or atlas. We came up with a few suggestions on cheap globes from amazon. BIL nixed them and told us he would only gift a certain brand of globe, for reasons I am uncertain of. It cracked me up that he would have a favorite globe brand, because of course he would.
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  11. ClamJam

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    Well, what’s the brand? Share with the class....
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  12. HBC

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    Have I been unwittingly using substandard globes???
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  13. Afishwish

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    If it’s not a Replogle, yes you have, though I’m afraid I can’t tell you why.
  14. Lh718

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    It makes a totally random, freshly googled list of best 11 globes/globemakers, so at least there's that. I'm gonna have to put my vote behind the globes that hold liquor bottles, but that may be a bit much for Fry.
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    Next time I venture beyond the front yard I’m going to have to check the brand on my thrift store globe (that’s still in my car... from when I got it from my classroom... in April :oops:)
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    I’m delighted that you fact checked this
  17. Honey

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    I have never cared so little and so much at the same time.
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