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Discussion in 'The Hens' Nest' started by Scout, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Nice!! Photos, details?
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    Congrats! Pics?
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    Yay!!! Congrats on all counts!!!
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    It is a semi-detached 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom back split in a residential part of Toronto (pretty much as far West as you can get and still be within the city limits). It is a few doors down from a very large park and there are a lot of really good schools in the area. It is very close to major highway but tucked into a crescent that is quiet.

    We got to meet the current owners last night. They were a very nice family. 4 kids so they want to upgrade to something bigger. They were very concerned about who was going to buy because they love their neighbours. They said the guy in the attached semi is very nice and on the other side is an older widow who has lived there for 60 years. One of the houses on the street hosts a summer BBQ every year and another house makes Christmas cookies for everyone. They really wanted to sell to a young family who would want to stay for many years.

    They hugged us when we left
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    That sounds so perfect, congrats!!
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    That sounds like a wonderful home for you! So, so thrilled for you and TG!!
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    That sounds wonderful!
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    That sounds great. Congrats!
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    This sounds so wonderful!!!! Congratulations!
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    Aww, congrats!
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    Congratulations on everything!!
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    Congratulations!!!! So, are chickens invited to the BBQ, or??
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    That all sounds so sweet and perfect @yesmaster !
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    That sounds so wonderful! Congrats @yesmaster!
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    Buying a house is ridiculously hard. Duh, you guys know this, but omg. I didn’t know a thing about real estate until 3 days ago. I’m already waaay overwhelmed.

    A lot of things have to work out just right for J and I to be able to do this. It seems impossible!! I’d love to talk to a realtor but we’re in the early research stages and honestly aren’t even entirely sure we are ready to buy (tiny budget, can’t really do a a conventional mortgage, and we’re looking in a really specific area).

    We’re still in our apartment but want to get out ASAP. We need more space but the jump in price from a 2br to a 3br is astronomical if we rent. Sigh!!
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    Ugh yup that’s the story of real estate. I feel like lately (at least around here) you can find something if you’re willing to compromise on at least 1: size, location, or budget. It’s impossible to find something that fits the criteria of all 3. It’s nuts.
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    In your situation, I think it would be good to talk to a mortgage broker to get a sense of what your loan options are (type of loan / amount) before you go too far down the real estate rabbit hole.
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    I’m in a similar boat. Currently trying to decide if it makes more sense for us to rent or buy when we move. Property values where we want to buy are steadily going up so we’d prefer to just buy since we already know where we want to be but sooooo many things will have to fall into place perfectly to make it work out. It’s hard to coordinate from 1300 miles away, while trying to time things out perfectly with our current lease, moving our belongings, etc.
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    Just thinking about our eventual move makes me anxious. Definitely get all your assets together and get preapproved for a mortgage and start shopping mortgage companies and realtors. First house I got half a percent knocked off by shopping mortgage companies... someone really wanted that commission.
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    @Rico Suave Has the ship sailed on the Sierra Nevadas?

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